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Friday, October 16, 2009


Most kids usually get caught snitching something from the store and then the parent finds a piece of candy, or gum or small toy in the pocket... Well Tommy was caught!As you can see, it's not the normal thing that most kids will take. But that's Tommy.

And today.... we stopped at the store to pick up a few things. Apparently Tommy wanted soda so he waited until some else had paid for the soda and took it. The poor kid {who Tommy stole from} was so confused at what was going on.

I guess now Tommy is on pocket check when we leave the store, not for candy, but for the sale tags...


Christine said...

It looks like he was just helping Walmart roll back their prices. :)

Stuart Humes said...

HAHA! Stockton did that when he was about 18 months. When I got him to the car I found a few of them wrapped in his blanket. Apparently I parked the cart too close a few times!

The Bentley's said...

funny! my kids love to pull of the sticky outy tags at target and throw them like balls. :))

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