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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Peaceful Confrence Weekend {yeah right!}

I love this time of year. Not only is it fall {except in Florida} but it's Conference. I really love watching the prophet, and hearing them speak. The weekend started off with a trip to the Orlando Temple on Friday. Conference is four general sessions over two days. We were able to watch it the sessions on the internet so that meant we were able to stay at home.

Being in Florida means that Conference doesn't start until 12:00 {and goes until 2:00} so that morning we did some yard work. The husband mowed the yard, and cut down branches and I cleaned out the garage. The boys helped pile branches on the side of the road for pick up, and rode bikes. It was nice to get out and get a few things done.

The first session was wonderful Henry B. Eyring conducted, and he always has a smile on his face. I loved Elder Bednar talk on family. Even if the kids are irritable and are "breathing each other's air" it's the experience of Family Home Evening that is important. It's nice knowing that Elder Bednar's family had FHE that was not spiritual all the time. But it's doing it that counts.

During the second session {conveniently} Tim fell asleep. The time.... 4:00 pm!!! That made for an interesting evening. The husband left to the Priesthood session. I fed the boys and got them ready for bed, or so I thought.

James and Tommy went right to bed. Oh, they are so cute when they sleep. Tommy talks every now and then, and even giggles. James like to sleep walk. Tim on the other hand. Well.... remember this? He was wide awake!! I told him that if he waited until his brothers fell asleep he could play with his Geo-Tracks. That boy is patient when he wants to be. He was quiet and waited, his waiting paid off, and in less than 30 minutes the brothers were asleep and the Geo-Tracks were out. I checked on him at 10:00pm and he was still awake.... and HAPPY. So he came down stairs with me for a bit. Finally at 10:45 he started yawning.

That brings us to today.... Sunday. Waking up to Tim {yes, Tim} at 7:00am turning on the lights and telling {screaming at} his brothers that it's time to wake up.

Fast forward a couple hours. Tim and James decide to climb to the top of the toy box. James is able to jump down fine. Tim tumbled down and ended up bloody. For those that get squeamish skip the next part. He wasn't a little blood, it was a lot! There was blood gushing out his nose, and a little from his mouth. The husband was in the shower, and jumped out when he heard me screaming for him. There was blood on me and on Tim.

I sat down at the bottom of the stairs, got him cleaned up a bit at first look we thought we had to take him to the ER. So I did what any other mom would do.... I started laughing. You see, I don't like blood. I mean really don't like blood. I started feeling light headed and dizzy from the blood that was everywhere, so I started laughing.

After further look we decided that his nose was just swollen and there probably wasn't anything that could be done. And he wasn't screaming when his nose was touched.

While I was getting ice James said a prayer asking Heavenly Father to "help his brother get better really fast and to help his nose stop hurting." Tim was giggling within the hour. Oh, the faith of children.

Look how sad. His left side is all swollen and bruised.

Here is a really cute picture of the husband and James.

Our Sunday ended peacefully {mostly}. Tim decided to defy the odds and try his hand again on top of the toy box. {his mom seriously came unglued!!!} And then he got his leg stuck in Tommy's bed. Yeah, don't ask.

They are all {finally} asleep and looking like angels.


The Bentley's said...

late conference is so rough!!! we had it late too when we lived in cleveland, i always hated it...well you know what i mean:)) sounds like a fun day:)hahaha

Emily said...

You are so amazing...and funny.

I am so glad that your boys have a mom just like you!

Keep on smilin'!

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