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Saturday, October 31, 2009

No Goblins here

There were no goblins at our house this year. I was hoping that our family could go as a group and do "Phineas and Ferb" but the boys wanted to be different things... and well, that's the fun of Halloween.

So we had Anikin Skywalker

A Stormtrooper
And.... and.... Batman!
We went to a great party on Friday! It was a ward party and Trunk'r'Treat. There was great food, and lots of games for the boys to play. There was a bounce house, and a maze made out of cardboard boxes. James really like that, he went through it probably 5 or 6 times. {sadly I forgot my camera....}

Then Saturday, came a day of sleeping in {since we were all up late the night before} pancakes and cleaning. Then a trip to the Library for books for the next week. {Indians} We made a stop at Target to get Tim some new shoes, that boys feet grows so fast!!

The boys could hardly wait to go out to get candy.
Once we were actually out the boys couldn't wait to get back.... Strange I know but that's my boys.

We 'made' them walk around the neighborhood and boy oh boy they were happy with the loot they got. Keep in mind it was hot and by the time we got home we had sweaty boys {I was now the official mask carrier} that needed drinks.

We came home and watched a couple movies... Ichabod Crane and Garfield's Halloween. And put three little spooks to bed.
The tears were relatively few, and the company was good. Happy Halloween every one!

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