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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sunny day = Beach

Once there was a beautiful day, so we packed up 3 adults, 3 teenagers, and 3 kids, and went to the east coast to enjoy the sun and surf. first we had to endure a 3.5 hour drive to get there. {I am so looking forward to being 3 miles from the beach!!}

The water was really warm!!! so at once we were all in the water. Tommy on the other hand found an "X" in the sand so he wanted to dig for buried treasure first. With a little convincing and the promise that he wouldn't have to get his head wet {remember when we were in California in March?} So since I mentioned California.... Yes, we have been from Sea to shining Sea this year... Coast to coast.... touched the Pacific and the Atlantic... Ok think it's kinda cool, and thought I would indulge. Anyway, with a little convincing Tommy I was able to get Tommy in the water. After he was confident that he would not melt in the water... he had a really good time.

We did find a lot of treasures, unfortunately none of it was gold.

Tim enjoyed the water but I think he liked the sand more. He liked digging in it and rubbing toes in the water. The waves were a little much for him but he like sitting back far enough just to get the edge of the surf coming in.

James is a total fish. This boy LOVES the water. It was hard to get him out of the water. Jumping in the waves, playing on the boogie boards, trying to catch the fish between the waves.

It was a really fun day. In the end we came home with three adults, three sleeping teenagers, and three sleeping kids.

And all three of the kids have the Coppertone tans!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Off to the Zoo

As many of you know we are a family that LOVES the Zoo. Our kids are a great age for it, and I think it's just a great way to spend a day. We went to the North Carolina in Asheboro. This zoo is really cool because they have it set up in real habitats. So instead of a small cage for the animal they get a really big place to walk around.. There were two sections to the zoo, the North America side and the Africa side. We went to the latter.

We thought about just having the bays walk but we decided that we would rent a stroller and push them around. It ended up being a really good idea.

We went by the lions and they were up and walking around. this is sad but I have never seen an active lion in a zoo before. Most of the time they are in the shade sleeping {not that I blame them}

The funniest thing was watching one of the elephants. He was splashing water all over himself, and then he got into his pond for a swim. It was great.

The boys both were hatched and
Tim had a nap.... see, the stroller was a good idea. Tim is 36lbs of dead weight when he is asleep.{yes people, I said 36 pounds!}

The humidity was not so bad here. And walking around wasn't really all that bad. There were so many trees to shade the path.

So this Zoo definitely gets 10 thumbs up. {even from the sleeping one}

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Children's Museum

I took the boys to The Children's Museum, it was so fun! I haven't been to ALL the children's museums, but I have been to many. This was the best one so far!! It was clean {which is really big plus!} well organized and really interesting to the boys. Even with all the fun things don't you love that you bring you kids places and then they want to play with the most common toy.... The toy that you just got rid because nobody played with it...

It was kinda busy so going outside was a nice change. James was really involved in looking at everything through the magnifying glass. The museum had a little garden so we were able to see lots of things growing.

Here is Tommy planting some wood chips... hoping to grow a tree. {I think we need to go back to basics on how we get plant....}

Tim is learning to perfect this look. Aunt Michelle is almost willing to give him what ever he wants with this look.

Tommy is loving using the real tools. He loved sawing and screwing in things.... but alas, we lost James and had to go find him.

Here is a classic James picture... I'm not sure how I always end up getting his bug-eyed look. Maybe he is over whelmed by all the excitement, or maybe....

it's the fact that he got to play hockey. His hand eye coordination is getting better {ie:he didn't hit anyone} ... maybe he'll play hockey.. oh wait, we are going to be in Florida...

Ok, hands off girls, Tim has already found his queen....
James decided that he wants to be a hockey player or a mail man. I was told many times by Tommy that he was NOT calling China on the play pay phone. {at least he listens}. I thought we did pretty well. I only lost James once and Tim twice. The boys only ended up a little wet {waist on up} from the water area, and they all got to play pirates.
If anyone is in the Raleigh, North Carolina area you should definitely go to the children's museum.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Oh the places we've been

We are finally settled.... for a month at least. We are in North Carolina staying with the husband's sister. {THANK YOU} More on the reason we are here later.

Our life packed up.... the boys really had a great time with the truck. They each got to take turns riding in the truck with dad.

Anyway. We started in Sierra Vista, Arizona last Wednesday. After saying goodbye to some wonderful friends we jumped on I-10 for the long 2,000 mile drive!!
When it comes to neighbors you really can't get better than Priscilla and her family. They will be dearly missed!!
Tommy and his little buddy Caleb. They had such a love-hate relationship!! Like you would not believe, but when it came down to it they were best friends.

We made our first stop in El Paso, Texas. We were able to visit with some other friends that had moved there. It was really weird being in El Paso, because I thought that we lived on the boarder being in Sierra Vista, but as we were driving you could see the boarder fence!

Here we are right before we left. The boys are getting out some last minute wiggles before saddling up for three days of seatbelts. It was great for James to have a chance to play with his friend. {and three cheers for trampolines!}

We made our next stop in Sonora, Texas.
The boys {all of them} enjoyed the evening in the pool. The boys are fish... almost.

The boys were exhausted...{my heavens it is hard to watch movies, reading, and looking out the windows all day.... Starting day two I took the picture right before we woke the boys up. Boy, I'm glad that i wasn't in that bed... I would have been kicked out.

We drove and drove and finally made it out of Texas and bunked down in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. And the best way to end the day is to play with dad, jump on the beds {and miss because they were to far apart} and smash your fingers in the doors.... in my defences, I told Tim it would happen, I warned him... twice.

The boys must have slept better... look how cute they are. Oh... the picture of perfection. Then we woke them up to start again.

After getting up bright and early we left Louisiana and trekked across 2 other states before making our way to Florida. We were in 4 states that day! I like the smaller states because it makes you feel like you really are getting there faster.

Then we made it FINALLY.... after 3 days {and 4 hours} and over 7 states! Boy we were sure happy to make it... but alas we were done yet.

We made it to the hotel in Daytona...We were happy, and I think the boys had a little bit of cabin fever from being in the car for so long.... they turned crazy....dang it... I guess I mean they got crazier.

After we made it to Florida, on Saturday night, we went to church the next day and just rested... a much needed day of rest.
Monday, came and with the help of some great young men... missionaries... the truck... our whole life was unloaded and put into a 10x30 storage shed in 2 1/2 hours!!! It's so weird to think that our life is just sitting and waiting for us.

Then we had a day's drive up to North Carolina. The boys were happy to get out and finally have a place to run. And that place to run came with extras.... 3 cousins ready and waiting to run the boys into exhaustion. The boys are loving having such great play mates, and the best thing is is that they are live in.

And yes... even super heroes get tired!

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