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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Funnies

Tuesday it was really pretty outside so we went to the beach, and hearing that there was a dog friendly beach we took the dog with us. Now when we heard "dog beach" we thought of Monterey California. For those that remember that.... you can take your dog and it really is friendly. The dogs are running all over in and out of the water. The beach is one that you actually want to spend time at, oh it was great! So we had high hopes out here. Our hopes were dashed....We got to the "Dog Beach" and there were signs all over saying that "Dogs must be on a leash at all times" WHAT??? What kind of dog beach is that. Well we were the only ones there so we went sans leash. We got down to the water and it smelled like sewage. It was really gross. So after about 10 minutes.... just long enough for the dog to pee on everything, we left. The husband dropped the boys and I off at a beach they could actually play in, and then went home to drop the dog off.

The beach was great and we saw some funny/interesting things. First... a fin. Daytona and New Symrna beach is shark bite capitol of the US. So a fin is a big deal out here. Along with Natural Disaster, Sharks are another thing that I'm afraid of. So seeing a fin was really shocking.... I think we were ok, because I saw 'it' blow water, so I'm telling myself that it was a dolphin, and I would just appreciate everyone agreeing with me.

The other funny thing.... this...

There were some men that were net fishing. They would catch some fish and then drop it in the bucket... well I guess the crane thought he would help himself to what the fishermen were bringing in. It was really funny watching him walk really slowly up to the bucket then back, then up again until he was on top.

Our back yard {that we have been blessed with} is really big. Oh, like 80'x150' see, really big. Well I was watching a couple of little boys today. And in our HUGE back yard, the 5 little boys found the 5'x5' area that is dirt. In the whole big yard this is what they found. In Arizona the dirt around was red here it's black!

Apparently Tim is disgruntled... about what??? Who knows. But really, who can deny this face? So after a washing and a hug he was fine. {for the moment :) }

I love that the boys... ok, Tim and Tommy, will try all different vegetables... in different states. {James is getting better, but if he is not threaten with life and limb he probably would not eat any veggies.... hence the reason I hide them in just about everything we eat.}

Here is Tommy eating raw eggplant, this is from February...
And today here is Tim eating raw sweet potato...

What ever works I guess, I just think it's odd.

I love my boys... they keep me quite entertained, and on my toes...

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Who is 3???

TIM is!!!

My baby boy is three. My little {itty bitty to be exact} boy is three. There wasn't anything big planned for his birthday, we played it low-key. But we did have McDonald's for dinner and really to a toddler, what is better than that? Tim wanted yellow cake with yellow frosting... it was kinda sad, we forgot candles so... the next best thing is lighting matches {children don't try this at home} So Tim blew out three matches.
James and Tommy got Tim a Dinico Mac

He is really happy about that.

And some GeoTracks. This was a big hit!!!
Although it doesn't look like it he is really excited

The money was very UN exciting

The Geo Tracks were such a hit that Tim waited until his brothers were asleep to pull out his GeoTracks and play them by himself.

{This picture was taken at 10:30pm}

This boy has really given me a run for my money! From the time he was born. He was a fighter then and he is now. Determined to defy the odds. He is strong willed, and that is what got him through those weeks in the NICU, and has shaped him in to the boy he is becoming. He is so cute with those big blue eyes and know just how to use them with people to make them crumble. He is cuddly but only when he is ready. When he puts his mind to it there is no changing it.

Tim I love you {yes, even at 2:00 in the morning} I am so glad that we were blessed to have you as a part of our family. You make me smile through the craziness that you cause everyday.

Happy Birthday to my toddler!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Happenings at this house...

So it's time to play catch up. The work on my new layout is still happening, and if you don't see your name on my blog links, leave a comment so I can add you. {I lost a lot of links} Well... here we go.
The husbands new hobby.
The husband has a new hobby around here. Do you want to see??
If you can't tell what this is..... {let me know if you can tell, and I will be really impressed}

It's a reloader... for bullets... to shoot.

I guess what is going on is that you take the shells that you have already shot, clean them up, and then re fill them with powder.

The husband went out the next day to shoot a box of bullets that he made, and they worked, he was quite happy.

The Children's Museum

I took the boys to the children's museum that is here. This one is pretty good, it focuses alot on science, and the workings of different things. The cool thing is that there is a real museum, and planetarium that are with it so we can use all the facilities. The bad thing.... the Planetarium was flooded and is now closed until further notice. The good news, if we donate 1.5 million dollars to rebuild the Planetarium they will name it after us. The bad news.... we don't have that kind of money laying around.

Here are some of the funny pictures that I took while we were there.

These are for Grandma and Grandpa.... In the museum they have a Harley that is smaller for the kids to ride.
James is just chillin'
Tim doing biker tricks.

This is Tommy's serious biker face. {I think he is trying out for Hell's Angel's}

Outside there is a walking trail that takes you past a little pond... or so we thought.

No that is not mud, that is water.

And just in case you thought you wanted to go for a swim, you are cautioned against it.

We had fun throwning things in and just watching them plop into the muck.

Friday, September 25, 2009


I'm doing some construction here and hae made a really big mess... Please don't mind the dust.

Oh... and if you don't see yourself on the left or right side... can you please leave a comment so I can have a link to your blog. And add you back on...


ps... things to come... the husbands new hobby, and my baby turned three, and a new blog dedicated to home schooling!!!!! stay tuned.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Whats for dinner?

Tim is in that awful in between state of needing a nap but not really. You know, if he naps he's awake way after bed time {and thus torturing his brothers} but if he doesn't he'll fall asleep during dinner {and then he's awake bright and early at 3AM!!} This night we got the lucky 3 am waking.

What's in the bowl you ask.... it's our take on a Cafe Rio salad. Chicken with fajita seasoning, black beans, romaine lettuce, tomatoes, and cheese. Top it off with a little ranch dressing, and fried corn tortilla strips {which we did ourselves} It was so good!!!! To bad Tim missed it.

Here are some a couple funny things from James and Tommy...

Tommy bonked James' nose with his head. Tommy turned and looked at James and said "sorry James, I have a big head"

After dinner James put his plate in the sink and asked "Mom, can I sharpen the knives?"

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Just another day at the beach

Living in Port Orange means that we are minutes away from the beach... really minutes. So we took advantage of that. It was a lot of fun, and the boys really liked it. Daytona Beach is different from any other beach I've been on.
When the tide is low you can just drive on the beach and park your car. We thought about getting the car and driving it to our spot. We decided against this because with the three boys we would have ended up taking half of the sand with us.
Tim loved having so much room to run around, and only almost got ran over once. We are going to have to keep a closer eye on this one. He is fast.... Part of the reason he gets the bright green bathing suit... I can pick that boy out from 800 yards away.
Here is James running after a wave.... Look at that form.... I think there may be a future runner here.
Tommy is loving the beach, and I'm so happy. His hair is starting to lighten up again.
After packing things up getting ready to go, we thought we had packed up the shovels... but alas they were forgotten. No big deal... the husband showed them how to dig and build with out any tools.
James is showing his brothers. {I love seeing the three of them play so nice together}
Running out into the surf.... We had a really good time, and after a couple hours we had our fill and headed home, still taking a ton of sand with us.
Then on Saturday, the little boys and I went to a beach clean up. It's amazing the things that we found. Besides the garbage we picked up...{please people there are garbage cans for a reason} we found some jelly fish on the beach. We say one that was the side of a basketball. We tried to save it, but it was no use. While we were bent over looking at the jelly fish, Tim got pooped on by a small bird {the joys of the beach} We also saw a little shrimp. I saw it and it was still moving so I bent down to look at it an Tommy stepped on it. So then we were looking at a dead shrimp, or so we thought. All of a sudden it puffed back up and started to squirm again. At which point we got it put back in the ocean to be eaten by something.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bring it on down to Plastic Ville.

This one is so funny!!! I think Justin Timberlake is one of the best hosts that they get. He is so willing to do anything. This is definitely one of my favorites!!!

Just thought I would give you some thing to brighten you day {or night....} We are heading to the beach tomorrow for some sun and surf... good thing my toes aren't to fugly....

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The girl behind the red door

We are in Florida, and are about half-way moved in. I think it might have gone faster if we would have left the boys in North Carolina, but we decided to bring them with us {and save on gas from driving up and back}. So we are living out of boxes.

But we have the important things unpacked.... like the trampoline. Some great young men came over and even in their shirts and ties, came and helped the husband put it up. {thanks missionaries!!}
The back yard is a huge perk, it's huge! However, there are two spots that need to be closed up... the dog, and Tim can escape, and I would prefer not to lose either.
Our house is {alot} smaller than our house in Arizona. We have a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom house. {1100 sq. ft.} We are snug, but not on top of each other.
Florida has been great so far. It's rained a bit but no hurricanes yet. I still have to get through September {which I heard was the worst month} The boys are having a great time with the critters that are around our house. We have squirrels running up and down the trees, and lizards running around everywhere. {the boys are getting close, but have yet to catch one} The husband has had to relocate more then one from from our garage to the yard.

I have to make some comment about things that I have noticed about Florida.... Why is every pond or little swamp area a "Conservation Area." I mean really, do we really want to have protected areas for the gators? I haven't seen one yet but I'm happy to see them in the zoo.

And then we have to people of Florida... by all means they are really nice and so far a pleasure to be around. Driving down the streets everyone seems happy... but I don't think stores in the Daytona area sale shirts. Every man that I see walking down the road seems to be shirtless. {It really won't be so bad if at least one of them could be some eye candy... but alas, they are not} Even the boys commented on this. "Mom look, that guy looks funny, he's mowing the lawn with no shirt." "Hey mom, he's walking his dog with no shirt." "Mom, that guy with no shirt has a funny tummy" So anyone needing a humanitarian project can send shirts to the men in Daytona/Port Orange.

There is so much to do here! I'm really excited for that. After living in Southern Arizona for 2 years where there was noting to do it's great living here. And the shopping... can I just tell you {again, coming from a place with no options} We are poor students but in case I do feel like just window shopping, at least there are windows to go to. Oh... Oh... and one word... PENARA. For those out west I'm sorry. I had no idea what I was missing. This bread shop is so good. One could gain 10 pounds in two weeks from this place! There is the Daytona500! I'm not a Nascar fan but I hope to go anyway. There's the beach, which is a few short miles away, and I've heard there is are turtle nests here, so we can watch to turtles lay eggs.

We are here for three years. and I hope to make the most of it.I don't think this will be a permanent home, but for now I'll be the girl behind the red door.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

ho, hum...

There is really nothing going on in my life... {soon that will change, but for now... nothing} I am watching SPIKE TV - Surving Disasters: Hijacked. It's actually pretty interesting... I have learned how to fly a plane.

The husband and I left to set up house in Florida. I'm really excited!! FINALLY!!! It's been great being here in North Carolina, but I'm so ready for my own bed... {with out the boys on the floor in my room} the trampoline, and just to my have my own stuff and mess in general.

So here is the story for those that don't know, I've kinda given in bits and pieces. The husband got home from Afghanistan in January. There were some problems going on overseas, and since he was a contractor he decided to come home.... so he did. He was able to get his job back on the base, where he was an interrogator instructor. {I will hire him out for any one that needs to interrogate a teenager} Before he came home he decided that he wanted to go back to school. But in what??? Good questions. All roads were were talked about.. Law School, Dental School, Optometry school, Auto Dealer... and then he finally settled on going to Chiropractic School.

There are a lot of chiropractic schools out there, so after looking and weighing the options we settled on Florida. In all our travels we haven't been in the East, so we thought "Why Not". So in August we packed up our house hold goods and started our new adventure. Trekking across the US.

***I interrupt this blog for my thoughts about the US***
*There is a whole lot of nothing in Texas!!
*Everything in Alabama smells and tastes like playdough.
*People in Louisiana are nice, and pleasant drivers.
*Florida needs to widen the roads.
*People, we do NOT have a need for population control... there is a lot of room in Texas.
*There are a lot of bridges in Louisiana! {I don't do bridges}
*Why do people in Florida think it's a good idea to have pythons and then let them go??? really?
*Did I mention that there is a lot of open space in Texas? Well there is.

Anyway, during a really bad storm {you know the whole "one dark and stormy night..." yeah that was what we entered into} we got to Florida. We put everything we own {minus the children... they stayed with us} into a storage unit.

We then found a place to live. I'm excited for our new house... the best thing... the big... no HUGE back yard. We have a trampoline {that I got for FREE on craigs list, I just had to throw that in}, and it's grass. AND we have a fruit tree... it might be orange it might be grapefruit... we'll find out soon.

Anyway, the wonderful house wasn't going to be ready until September. Because we didn't want to live in a hotel for 3.5 weeks. Call me crazy. So we drove up to North Carolina to where the husbands sister lives. Her house is really nice but it ends up being a little small for 9 people and 2 dogs... {ahhh it brings back memories of the small two bedroom apartment... oh the good old days huh Jen}

So here we are, getting ready to start our new life. We are going to be poor... really poor for 3 years, and then... and then, I get to be a doctor's wife {as my wonderful friend Em pointed out}.

Since I have a blog I will be able to take you all through our adventures of being students {again}with WAY to much experience.

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