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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Beach Time

I do have to say that the nice thing about living so close to the beach is that we can go spur-of-the-moment. It's nice to just pick up and go.

We finally bought some buckets so the boys could build sand castles. Tommy was so funny!!! I told him he needed some wetter sand to make a sand castle, so he rand 70 yards down to the water with his shovel. Go a shovel full of dirt and ran all the way back. He did this 4 time before deciding that he wanted to play in the water.
Tim on the other hand decided to take his bucket down to the water's edge. But he wanted to build his castle up buy me, so he brought his FULL bucket back up by me.

Here are my 3 ducks in a row. One thing that I really like about taking pictures at the beach is that the colors are great and the pictures turn out really good!

I love this picture of Tim. It's like he has a secret that he's not going to tell.

James is like a fish in the water. He loves to play and roll around in the water with out caring who is watching. I love that he can play and have a good time like that.

Tommy was having a great time "discovering things about the sea"

Besides the fact that Tim put his shorts on backwards.... I think bum crack on a 3 year old is still really cute.... but maybe it's because I've just become so use to seeing it.

I was able to catch an intimate moment between brothers. Tommy is a bit apprehensive about the water. I watch James take Tommy by the hands and lead him out into the water. Then holding hands they ran back and forth into the waves. I loved watching James take care of his brother and make sure they felt safe. James is growing into a great big brother. He is becoming so helpful around the house,and not just helping me, but helping and taking care of his brothers. He tries really hard to make sure Tommy and Tim are doing the right thing and helping them when they need it. He will sit down with Tim and help him with his shoes, he will help Tommy get things down that he can't reach. I am so proud of him and happy that he is the big brother.


sarah said...

How fun!! I love beach days! The pictures are adorable, particularly the butt crack one and the last :)

Emily said...

Fabulous Pictures!! Your boys are so funny and so cute! You are an amazing mom!

Keep it up, girly!

Steve and Katie said...

Oh, Sweet James. I love it! So So cute.

shortmama said...

Just following up...did you ever receive your swap package? Refresh my memory please!

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