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Thursday, May 13, 2010


Did you hear the news??? The husband and I have been married for 10 years!!! 10 whole years!! I can't believe it. Sometimes it feels like forever and other times it feels like just yesterday we were married. I love this man so much and he makes me happy every day. We have been on such a wild ride together and it's been the best ride of my life.

Just over ten years ago we met on the interent.... a fancy little site called Yahoo Personals. He placed and ad, and I answered it. That was the beginning of it all. We have been to many places and have 3 almost 4 boys that are tagging along now in our life. The husband is a wonderful husband but is also a wonderful father. Our boys are so lucky to have him in their lives.
Ten years ago we were poor, the husband was in school and I was working. Now... the husband is in school... {after military service and job change}and we are poor, and I stay home with our wonderful crazies. I wouldn't trade it for the world! Eventually I would like to have a "white picket fence" but for now I'm happy with the rental we have and the knowledge that we will once again pick up our home and move.
Ten years ago, we were afraid to have kids. We both come from divorced families and we were so worried about bring a child into this world with the statistics stacked against us. Now with our band of merry men following behind it's been so fun. And even with the diapers, timeouts, the scrapes, the smiles,the tears, and the laughter, it's been more than what we've bargained for but worth every penny! This is what has made these ten years fly by.
Ten years ago we were really cool and had a Jeep Grand Cherokee. It was fun and big, and it took us everywhere. {Including 3 different states.} But as time went on it needed to be traded for something that would fit our growing family and now we have a mini van. The epitome of family life. {But I do have to say that every now and then I have seen the husband get a second look from some random woman in a parking lot as he is getting out.... he's even hansom getting out of a mini-van}

Ten years ago I married my best friend. He is there to encourage me and help me and lift me when I need it. He is the one I whisper to at night, and giggle with at dinner in a restaurant. He has taught me that I am a strong woman and that I can do anything I put my mind to. Because of the two deployments he was on, I know what life is like with out him. I know how to be independent and raise a family. And I know that there is nobody else that I want to stand beside me.

Ten years ago we took a leap of faith and were sealed for "Time and All Eternity." And after the ups- and downs that come with marriage. The highs and lows that come with life. The happy and sad that come with children. It all has been worth it!!! I would do it again!!!

I look forward to forever with you Sweetheart!!!!

{just in case you can't read his shirt, it says 'My Wife Rocks'}

{pictures from James}


Emily said...

Congrats you two! I love posts like these...SUCCESS!!

Life DOES have it's ups and downs...but it's what you do with 'em that counts. You are a grand example, my friend!

Keep it up!

PS Love his shirt

Connie said...

Yeah, awesome shirt! And congrats on ten years- you guys are awesome!

Stuart and Heather Humes said...

Yay for you! Happy anniversary, and I need to get one of those shirts!!!

Rob, Brooke and Caleb said...

Aww, happy anniversary!!

sinika said...

Congrats! What an awesome achievement!!

Levi and Kami's Blog said...

That is wonderful!!

Evelyn said...

Happy VERY late Anniversary! What a great post! Ten years! Wow!

"Merry men"...loved it!

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