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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Kicking the Dinosaur

The boys are so funny... They are taking such a liking to little Benjamin. So every couple of days Tommy will come and put this little dinosaur on my belly and want to watch Benjamin kick it off. So far all the little one has done is jiggle it. He has yet to actually kick it off, but the boys are waiting in anticipation.

James has started drawing pictures with our whole family in them being careful to start with Benjamin and to mark him as a brother.

I'm glad that the boys are happy about their upcoming brother. And for them I hope that as Benjamin grows that he is able to kick the dinosaur off... that would just delight the boys.

1 comment:

Mad Woman said...

Oh too cute! I used to put things on my belly and watch Girl Spawn kick it off. Boy Spawn was too lazy.

So great that they're accepting this so well.

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