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Sunday, October 17, 2010

My boys

6:30pm - clean up
7:00pm - Get ready for bed.
8:00pm - Bed time
9:00pm - Look up stairs and this is what I see. There are three little boys up there.
Now normally I would have sent them all back to bed but upon further observation I see James, Tommy and Tim taking turns reading to each other. They were being quiet and staying upstairs so I couldn't say no. And they were READING! Why would I want to stop that.

They are really good about putting the books back {after a gental reminder} And they put themselves to bed about 9:30. So I say read away!

{you can see Tim peeking past the wall at me}
I got all the boys on the couch for a picture together. It's so fun having the 4 of them, and the boys. And the big ones help out quite a bit with Benji. I still have a hard time thinking that up until 2 months Benji wasn't here yet.

There is something so sweet about this picture. Even with Benji crying, the love that they all have for each other is so sweet. Even with the sleepless nights and the crazies that live in this house it's wonderful to be here. 


Emily said...

I say 'read away' too! Cutest family of boys!

Karen and Gerard said...

Your boys are adorable! I wouldn't have stopped them from reading either. They obviously weren't tired yet and reading is a nice calming activity to wind down with before sleeping. Great pictures--I can just feel the love!

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