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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Learning to Fly

See Tommy.
See Tommy on the table.
See Tommy on the table wearing a jacket in the summer time.
See Tommy on the table in a funny one legged pose.
See Tommy jump.
See Tommy try to fly.

Tommy wanted to learn to fly this summer. I was busy with a new baby so Tommy took matters into his own hands. He asked for paper and when that didn't work he tried plastic bags. He came in to discuss the problem that he was having. "Mom.... I can only get this far off the ground!!??" So while I fed the baby we talked about how bird and mammals are different. As we talked we decided that it wasn't possible to make his bone hollow so he would have to think of something else to help him.

Feathers!!! It was feathers that he needed. So he got out the art box only to find.... to his dismay that there were only 17 feathers. "Mom... that's just not enough!" 

Next best thing... more plastic bags. But how to keep them on his body. He figured he needed new skin. So with the donning of a jacket to "Mom... this is my new skin" he fastened the bags to himself and off he went. He was on a mission.

After the picnic table did not offer the lift that he needed, he moved over to the trampoline. "Higher jumps might do it."

The wings have been temporally put on hold. "Mom I need bird skin to fly. Can we have Chicken Noodle Soup for dinner?"


Emily said...

Love this post! You are such a good mom! I just love the unadulterated curiosity and imagination of the young!

Keep up the good work!

Whitney said...

Oh how sweet! That is why I want a son first--because they do such funny little things. What a sweet heart and horray for you for encouraging his imagination! I hope I can always do that for my future children.

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