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Monday, November 15, 2010

3 Months {on time}

Are you ready for some serious cuteness??

I'm finally on time with this. Here is B's 3 month pictures. Can you believe it?? Three months already!

It was a beautiful day so we decided to go outside with this. And I'm so glad that I did.

He is a big boy! He is holding his head up really well and loves to look around. When he is sitting on my lap he likes to sit looking at me. When I'm walking around he wants to see what is going on and where he is going.
He is recognizing voices. I was walking the hallway in church and he heard his dad teaching in one of the rooms. He perked up right away and was looking for him.
He loves his brothers and loves to be read to by them. {Tommy is walking by as I took this picture}
He likes to sit on the counter while I cook. I talk to him and sing to him when he starts getting fussy. Thankfully he doesn't realize what a bad singer that I am. "Book of Mormon Stories"  is not a favorite song.... He does however, like "How Firm a Foundation" and "When I am Baptized" and "We Thank Thee Oh God for a Prophet"
When he was younger he hated being in the bathtub. Holy Moly!!!! He would scream!! I would hurry and wash him and get him out. Now he loves it!!! He loves kicking in the tub and splashing around. He gets so surprised when water splashes on his face.
He is sleeping really well. We finally have a good schedule and he is getting a good two naps a day. He is sleeping all night {yeah for mommy!!}
He is getting really good at getting his fist in to his mouth. I'm sure soon he will get the whole thing in there. Apparently his fist tastes really good. He hasn't found his thumb yet, but it seems like he is working on it.

The funny thing about our boys is that they are cookie cutters of each other. I look at pictures of them when they are babies and they are so much alike. They definitely have their differences, but you can pick them out of a line-up as brothers.
B is noticing his hands and how amazing they are. He will study them for a few moments and then shove them in his mouth. He is also peeking at his toes. He likes to watch them but not sure yet about touching them

I know I'm bias.... all moms are, but really.... can you beat these eyes?? All of the boys have incredible eyes!!

Time flies so fast. I wish I could hold on to these moments a little longer. I want to hold all the boys as little boys forever. I love watching them grow... but it goes so fast.

I love you my little B!


Emily said...

Incredible eyes is right! He is adorable and looks so squishy and cuddly. Keep enjoying the moments....keep enjoying the moments!

Love ya

Camie said...

They get big way too fast. He's such a little cutie.

JaLesha said...

Great sun flare on those pics!! They all turned out so good!! :o) Love them! He is a cutie!

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