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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Two Months already!!! {late again....}

 As I write this Benjamin is 2 days away from being three months old!!! {the pictures were taken when he was two months I just have been slakin' big time!!!}

So let me take you back a mere month....

At two months he had just found his fists.... he liked the way they looked but didn't know what to do with them yet.
I love his huge eyes!! They are big and blue and gorgeous!! He has a dimple too that I wasn't able to get a picture of. It's just one and so cute.

 The lighting on this picture is really bright but I love the way he is looking right at me. You know when babies are first born they have this was of looking right through you. But as he got close to two months old he started looking right at me. It was wonderful, and now when he looks at me he smiles. I love being this little guy's whole world!

Ok, and I know this one is a little fuzzy, but just look at those cheeks!!! I eat them up everyday! They almost look to big for him, and that is what makes them even more yummy to kiss on everyday!

It took a mere 2 months 1 week and 2 days for him to start sleeping through the night! {yeah for mommy!!} We are still working on a good nap schedule but that fact that I can get a full night sleep is great!! He is growing so fast and wanting to be a part of everything already.

The brothers are a big help and do a great job with him.  Benjamin is definitely loved in this family!!!

{check back next week for his three month pictures... I'm working on getting caught up.}

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