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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Yes, we have boys

 What would a house full of boys be if we didn't have the occasional injury or accident???

Here we have Tommy... He was jumping on the tramp with James and, well.... Tommy's eye, and James' chin... are you getting the picture? Tommy was pretty brave and didn't cry until he saw the blood. Tommy did a good job holding the rag on his eye and was pretty calm with it all. There was no way Tommy was going to let them put stitches in, needles and all. So they just super glued his cut shut and sent him home.

He liked having a war wound, and what is a boy with out at least one scar on his face right?

The trip to the ER wouldn't have so bad if it wasn't followed by Tim burning his chin. He wanted to see what I was cooking and tip-toed up and got a bit to close. He ended up with a nice size burn on his chin that blistered.

Good thing dad was here to save the day. I don't do well with injuries. After the husband took Tommy to the hospital I had all the children come in and sit quietly.....

that lasted all of 3 minutes. We do have boys you know.

1 comment:

Jason and Claire said...

Poor little guy! And you got them to sit and be quiet for THREE minutes??? I'm impressed.;)

PS- He's adorable in that bottom pictures. I want to squeeze those cheeks!

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