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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Confessing... agian.


I had every intention to only air my laundry about once a month or so. I didn't thing that I would have all that much to say.... boy was I wrong.

I confess.... that I have really good intentions of making things. Like pillows for my couch. Like the cute wreath for my door. Like the Family Home Evening chart for my wall. But I have ZERO follow through. {I'm working on that} so I have all this stuff... for the stuff I am going to make.... and it's piling up on my crap craft table. {On the bright side.... I don't feel guilty anymore about buying things that look easy to make.... Etsy here I come!!}

I confess.... that I am a huge blogstalker! I look at other blogs and read what is there.... and dare I say it.... I look to see if they have cuter kids than I do. Please tell me that someone else does the same.

I confess... that I only eat the muffin top... or cupcake top. I make cupcakes and give the bottom to the kids... until they caught onto me.... the baby doesn't know yet.

I confess.... that I am still intrigued by this whole royal wedding thing, like what is William's last name? And if only men in the line are suppose to take the thrown... how did the Queen get the positions. How long is the new couple allowed to wait before having kids... are they expected to produce an heir right away? Will she ever do anything normal... like mop the floor, or make dinner?

I confess... that I am not here right now. We found a saintly woman who offered to take all 4 kids so Steve and I could get away for the weekend! 3 days and 2 whole nights!!! I love my kids, but I am really excited to not have knees in my back when I wake up in the morning. We haven't gotten away... just the two of us for more than one night since before Tommy was one!!! That was a really long time ago.


VandyJ said...

Getting away makes it all better.

Evelyn @ Hanging by a Silver Lining said...

I've wondered the same thing about Kate. And once they do have kids will she be expected to get up with them in the night or breastfeed or wipe their noses or...or..or...?

Hoorah! for getting away!!

Mamarazzi said...

yay for getting away...i am so happy for you. i got you all linked up as promised...have fun.

Amber said...

OH! I'm so thrilled I wasn't the only one who had another Royal Wedding confession, even AFTER the wedding. You made me smile, I'm thinking the SAME THING! :)

I'm also bad about following through with things. Books in particular, I can't tell you how many books I check out and don't even open from the library, yikes!

Carrie said...

Yep, I confess that I have a buncha projects started myself that I haven't completed. You are not alone!
So glad you could get away! (is jealous!)
I'm your newest follower via the Friday Confessional Blog Hop! Hope you stop by sometime!


Anonymous said...

Depending on how much time I have, I also blogstalk. And I have been trying to get a babysitter to get away. Instead, we're just taking off work! Happy Friday.

Miss Angie said...

I think blogstalking is normal! :D And your kids are pretty cute.

I never thought about those questions you raised for the Royal wedding, but you're right! Now I must know!

Have fun on your vacation!

sarajo said...

Yay for getting away! Hope you have fun!!

And those are awesome questions. I think his last name is Wells. But I'm not sure. And how did the Queen get to be Queen? And why isn't Prince Philip King Philip????

I used to blogstalk. Not much anymore. I'm too busy reading the people I follow to blog stalk. LOL!

dddiva said...

Follow through is my weakness. I used to move and donate all the "good intentions" I had piled up - now I am kind of stuck with them since hubs is a packrat so that cured me, mostly.

Brenna said...

Hehehe- I totally relate to looking and comparing my kids to others- too funny!
Enjoy the time away- I love my kiddos to death but need the time to refresh sometimes!
Linked with you from Confessions!!

A Randomlicious Blog for the Soul said...

I do exactly the same thing! I have craft projects stacked my wreath stuff all ready...I'm currently thinking about doing felt flash cards for my tot...LOL Not another project to add to the list!!!

OH MAN! I wish someone would take my kids for the weekend....someone I felt comfortable leaving them with..that's a rare find! Hope you enjoy!

Rebecca said...

I am really bad about getting stuff to craft and then never getting around to it! You can never have too much supplies right?? :)

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