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Monday, May 16, 2011

What's in the bag?

Soooooo...... I decided to clean out my bag.... I don't think I was prepared for what cam out.

Cute bag that I got at the thrift store for all of $4 and it holds a ton of stuff!!! but you never really know how much until you empty it all out.
You know those party games you play... you know the ones where the host says, "ok... everone look in your purse and pull out some thing that starts with a ...."

Yeah.. I would have that.

My, my.... how embarrassing.
There is a pile of baby stuff {wipes, diapers, formula, cheerios, toys ect.} a pile of garbage {sadly it's the biggest pile} a pile of fruit snacks... if you're a mom you know that these are worth more than gold!! office supply stuff... yup... even scissors, coupons, 47 cents, miscellaneous {hand sanitizer, tissues} and personal stuff {jewelry, Tablet, lip gloss and my little nano thing}

One day maybe I'll carry an expensive purse {one that is like $30} and doesn't hold diapers and Desitine, until then.... I'm happy as my life as a mom and carrying everything except the kitchen sink.... wait... I think I might find that in here to.


Amy said...

This cracks me up, because when you have a baby and other little ones, this is life.

Now that my youngest is 3, the only thing in my purse is a wallet, a pen, sanitizer, tampon, pen, and a mini first aid kit. The bad part about that is when we go to the movies my bag is too small to smuggle in candy and drinks.

Pyratess said...

I remember my pre-Mommy purse was a wallet with a strap. I loved that thing. For the first few months of mommyhood I stuffed it into the diaper bag. Finally I had to upgrade to a diaper bag sized purse. One day.... ONE DAY I too will have a cute little purse again. It may be too late though. I am already developing a dent in my right shoulder from hauling that heavy thing around. LOL

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