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Monday, August 1, 2011


This year I decided to buy a curriculum.... kinda. I got the second grade bundle from the Creative Thinking Co.  I am really excited about this year! {we have already started...... and so far so good}

I posted about his earlier but I'll let you know again.... I have boys who really like to read, I didn't feel that buying a curriculum that had them reading preselected books would be right for them. I don't want to feel like I have to have them stop reading what they want to read what is "required". 

Last year I was putting together my own curriculum but it was starting to take a toll and I was hitting road blocks with how to teach things... in what order, and I was getting flustered. 

With CTC I seem to found what I was looking for while still getting to keep what I want and what is working.

We are also doing Story of the World, and love it. We have taken it slow and really enjoyed the history.

Do you want to see how I have it set up???

 Each of the boys have a binder, which the boys decorated with a collage, it was really fun watching the boys cut the magazines and to see what caught their eye.

Then I have a list of what we will do daily {math, language arts, spelling, ect.} and then what we will do each day as well {science 2 days, history 2 days, art 1 day} That way they can see what we will be working on each day. Now this list is still a work in progress... to see what days are going to lend them self well to what we are doing.

There daily stuff is set in the front pocket of the binder, and this stuff they can work as quickly as they would like. If they want to do 5 pages of math on Monday, then that's ok. But until it's done they need to work on there daily stuff a little every day.

Then I have tabbed pockets for each day with there daily stuff put in it. This they can only do on the assigned day. {Tommy would do EVERYTHING on Monday just to have it all done} So this way they are working every day. When they are done with the assignment they put the paper in the back pocket so I can take a look at it. We also do a lot of stuff.... mostly LA on the white board together.

James {2nd grade} and Tommy {1st grade.... but doing 2nd grade work} have the same thing in their binders... minus math which is different}  Tim is working through reading and writing. He does do History and Science with us, I just help him with anything that he needs to write. The boys love Magic Tree House books so on Friday they can get on the website and get stickers for the passports, they are wanting to read all 48 books by the end of the school year {which I know they can do}

I am using Hooked on Phonics for Tim {Kindergarten} to learn how to read. I'm not using the CD's I just sit with him and we do it together. I am also using the 2nd grade HOP for James. He is a good reader, but I'm hoping this will help make him a stronger reader, especially when he reads out loud.

Of course we have Benji too... and well... we just work around him. He hangs out and squeals at every one {you all ma thank Tim and Tommy for teaching him that}

I feel really good about this year, and am really happy about how things are going. The boys really like the Critical Thinking stuff and are enjoying our schedule.


fixedonHIM said...

What great organization with those binders!

Blessings for a wonderful year!

Pyratess said...

AWESOME! Can I add your link to my workbinders page? Also I would like to see them in person because I have been toiling for over a year now on how to add the things we do only once a week to our binders. It looks like you have that figured out.

Anonymous said...

That's a great list! I love that they are going to read all of the books :-)

The Butterfields said...

Now I really feel unorganized. I am so not creative. You have done a great job.

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