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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Oooo, Look what I got!!

It's swap time again!!


The boxes have arrived to happy homes all over the country.

I was the partner to Mamarazzi herself. And it was so fun to shop for her. To see what I got her you can go and see here.

I was having a rough day, so imagine my joy when I came home to find this at my door!

I was so excited to have a box here with my name on it. {Although... in does NOT feel like Autumn here... and yes that is a boogie board on our front porch... we still get use of them... even in November}
 Look how pretty! I love the idea of the leaves... {and the pretty gold paper, and yes... I am the type of person to save pretty paper}
 Look at it all. It is so fun to open all the present!
I love all the orange color. Here is what the fabulous Mamarazzi sent to me. 2 pairs of gloves, a cute wall hanging, a blanket, some foam turkeys and card games for the boys. Some apple cider, stickers and some paper plates in an Autumn theme {I usually just by the regular white ones so it's fun to get pretty plates} She also sent a pumpkin spice candle.  I forgot how much I like that scent!

I love the swaps that Mamrazzi does, I have met so many fun people because of it. It's so fun to shop for others and in turn getting a box that I have no idea what is in it.

I love swaps!!!!

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Jolene said...

Great package! It was a lot of fun.

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