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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I am Blessed

I am sitting here waiting for Steve to get home.

While I am sitting here waiting for him and I should be making more bread, and prepping dinner.

But instead I am listening to the boys write lyrics to the songs they are creating, and looking at the pictures that they are bringing me so I can help choose which one will be the "cover album"

While I am sitting here with the laundry looking at me... pleading almost, to be folded and put away I am thinking how blessed I am.

I feel sometimes that I don't measure up to others... I know, I know... I shouldn't be comparing myself to anyone but sometimes I do.

But today I am sitting here with some incredible kids. The Lord really did bless me in letting me be in charge of some wonderful spirits.

These boys of mine try me every day. Always in a good way. They force me to see beyond what the world would have me see. The world would say they are little and don't know anything. That they don't have any power. That their view of the world is limited.

I say different. My boys know a lot, and every day they are teaching me new things. Maybe more relearning things that I had forgotten. Like the simple pleasure of seeing your breath on a cold night. Remembering how good it feels to kick your feet in the waves, or the way grass feels on your bare feet. My boys have also taught me to love completely.  I would go through hell and high water to see to it that they are safe and feel loved every day.

Their world view is as vast as the sky. Have you ever notice that their love is pure. They don't see things like disability or different from them, and when they do they take it as "it is what it is". What if we were like that? Kids are able to see the good in everyone, they can see that everyone is a child of God.

I am sitting here with so much that I should be doing but I am enjoying spending time with my favorite little people and learning and laughing with them.

I am going to sit and cuddle my baby when he wakes up, he will only be little for a bit longer.

The bread can wait.

And the laundry that is beckoning will just have to be left for a little longer because those things can wait.

My kids can not.

1 comment:

Hill said...

I see this on pinterest all the time.

Good moms have sticky floors, messy kitchens, laundry piles, dirty ovens, and happy kids.

Enjoy them while they are young, who cares about all the other stuff.
I think to myself if people want to see my house clean make an appointment other wise expect it to be messy.

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