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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Seven years ago

Seven years ago I got to bring home an incredible kid.
Steve was gone and I had to be a mom to a new born and a one year old. He was such a good baby. He slept though the night early on. He has always been a happy baby.

Tommy is the type of kid that will only do things if he feels it is right. It doesn't matter if everyone else is doing it, it he doesn't want to he won't.

One time he bit a brother. He was put into timeout until he could apologize. He sat there for 2.5 hours. I finally got it out of him that the brother took a toy and wouldn't give it back. So he bit him. In his mind he was right and that's all there was to it.

He is so funny! He just does and says funny things.  He makes people around him smile.

He loves to be hugged and snuggled.

He is smart... to smart for his own good. He started reading at 4 and I can't keep books in his hand.

He loves the be helpful, he will always do what I ask him.

I love this incredible kid that I have! My life will be forever blessed by having him in my life.

{These pictures were taken when Tommy was 3 weeks old... I know he's huge already!}

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