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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Orginizing 101

My house is so unorganized!! I try I really do but having to think about organizing my house gives me a panic attack. It's to much to think about!

After years of just living with it. I decided that I was going to start small. A closet at a time. {right now I only have two closets that are not in bedrooms. So I started there. {I only have pictures of the one closet that I did, but both are clean now!}

This closet is our linen closet and everything just kinda got shoved in to it. There really was no system other than blankets, towels, toiletries and sheets went in here.

 This is all the stuff on the shelves
 And here is the stuff that was on the floor in the closet. Benji kept getting into this and pulling everything out.

Here is my after!! I am so proud of myself, and for the past two weeks it has looked the same! {go me!}
On the bottom are blankets. I don't mind them getting pulled out because the boys use them to build forts with and stuff... now this way they can put them back.

In the green bins {and there are 3 of them} I have fitted sheets in one, flat sheets in another, and pillow case in the third. Again easy for the boys to get to but not just shoved into the closet.

Next shelf up are the towel. Folded and put away.

Next are totes that are filled with toiletries. There is extra shampoo, and toothpaste and stuff like that. This was all the stuff that Benji was pulling out and playing with. Although now he pulls me over to the closet so I can do his hair at least 2 times a day because he can't reach the hair product any more.

And them I have the left over stuff. There are plastic sheets, toilet paper, heating pad... ect. Things that we don't really use but I like to know where they are and have them accessible {except the toilet paper... that is just out of the way because Benji likes to see if they float in the toilet.}

So there you have it. I think that this is the way that I am going to have to do things. I can't think about it all at once because then I just get to overwhelmed. But doing it a little at a time is so easy. And I have a little clean place. So when the house is a mess I will go open the closet and remind myself that I can do this!


Karen and Gerard said...

Good job! That is the way to do it--tackling one thing at a time and slowly getting everything done. Patience, my friend.

Aleatha said...

yay! I love organization. When I am stressing I go looking for something to put in order. I guess it gives me hope that my life is also in order lol

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