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Monday, March 19, 2012

Juice Diet

Have you seen the movie "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead" ? It's a really good movie. It really made me think about our diet and the things that we put into our bodies.... what I am putting into my kids' bodies.

I decided to set aside some time and I was going to do the "Juice Diet". I did just what it's called... I juiced all my meals. I had the dates marked on the calender and I bought the produce.

I went into this ready to have withdraws from proceeds foods and to have the headaches and the blahs for a day or two. Strange thing though... I didn't have them.

I was ready to be hungry all the time, but really I wasn't.

I thought I was going to be in the bathroom getting rid of all the toxins in my body, I wasn't.

I felt really good but.... not at all what I was expecting.

I think it is because we already have a pretty good lifestyle of food. I work really hard to live the Word of Wisdom. I also work really hard on having good food in the house and having good choices of snacks for the boys to choose from.

Am I perfect?? NO!

I also live by 'everything in moderation' I am not going to freak out when there is cake and ice cream and goodies for a party, but it is definitely not in the house every day. There are things that I have slowly cut out of our diet and I will continue to cut out from our diet. The processed foods that are becoming ever so much more abundant and easy to have around I don't buy we don't consume. My kids don't cry for chips because I just don't buy them. Same thing with cookies and candy, I just don't have them here at the house. I try really hard to have tons of fruits and veggies around and honestly that is the majority of my cost when I go grocery shopping.

I think we eat pretty good, and because of that I thing that is the reason I didn't feel the big change that others do.

If you want my advice on it, and I know you do. Try everything at least once. Beets and ginger are really good. Berries are tricky, but so worth the work to get them juiced. Carrots are easy to juice but really strong... add an apple.

Will I do it again. YES!! Yes I will.

I do think that it is a good thing to help rid the body of the extra toxins that are in us. I do think that it's a good kick start to healthy eating habits. And I do think that everyone could benefit from doing this.

Here is what I recommend.

*I spent about $80 for 5 day and that was just for me, so put aside some money to do this.
*Plan on juicing multiply times a day to avoid the hunger pains that make us run to the kitchen.
*If the rest of your family is not doing this with you plan easy meals to make for them.
*Juice from a container doesn't count as juicing.
*Don't forget to drink water too.
*If you slip up just keep on going, it's not the end of the world.
*I did get hungry at night, but I always feel the munchies at night after the kids are in bed... I just juiced again.

And take the time to think about why you are doing this. Make it worth it.

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