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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Babies don't like miniture golf

We had a free day so we decided to go miniature golfing. Sounded like a good time. We piled in the car and headed on out. We didn't end up where we thought we were going but no big deal... where we ended up was cheaper anyway. We pull in and wouldn't you know it... Steve got a call that he had to take. So rather than have the boys screaming in the car we all piled out so they could scream outside of the car.

After standing around waiting for Steve to finish, I decided that we would just start with out him. I got us all paid for and we headed in. I live with a competitive bunch of boys so I thought I would take score.

That lasted less than the first hole.

Benji wanted to throw all the balls into the water.

James was hitting the ball like he would with a 9-Iron.

Tommy kept putting his ball by the hole, putting it in and declaring that he got a hole in one.

And Tim kept stopping everyone elses balls as they were rolling down the green.

I decided that keeping score was not going to work with this bunch.

Steve finished his call and joined us on the 3rd hole and was happy to practice his putting again.

Then he took turns with each of the boys. Tim was mighty excited just to hit the ball like he was "really golfing"
After hitting the ball out of the park and into the joining parking lot, James learned how to softly put the ball. 
Tommy kinda go the hang of it... but when nobody was looking he would pick up his ball and move it close to the hole... "Hole in 2!!" he would declare.
{I was looking though all of my pictures and realize that I really don't have any pictures of Tommy by himself... poor middle child.}
I just thought this was a funny picture of him... this is a squat put.
And Benji.... oh, B. I really didn't get to play much, I was chasing after our little run-away.  He like the big airplane and  would go and stand in the middle of everyone elses game to get a better look.

Of course this is after trying to throw the balls into the pond. Try to get the balls out of the pond. Trying to get himself in the pond. grabbing people's balls and running away. Not wanting to stay with us.
It was a fun morning, made better by the long nap that B took and the quiet afternoon with the boys.
Let it be known that I did get a Hole-in-One, but nobody saw it. B was leaning over the fence and Tommy and Tim were fighting to see who would go first and James was pointing out that the clouds looked like flying turtles.

But that is neither here nor there.

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