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Monday, April 9, 2012

Nothing to say

I feel like I am in a funk again wit blogging.

I have so much to say but the words are not forming.... or they are and it's just a jumbled mess that falls out of my head onto the page.

So I thought I would write... without a subject to write about.

Usually when I write I have a picture to go with it, or a story that I want to share, or something that has happen that I want to document. Nothing really is coming to me.

We are getting ready to move in the next 6 months. I know I say that and I'm sure you are thinking... well that's still a long time. But really it's not. We have some big things coming up here in the next month. Steve and I are going to Vegas for a conference and then I'm going to FPEA homeschool convention {I am really excited about this!!} And then he is on break for the summer. It's going to go by so fast!

During that break we are looking into driving out to Colorado where we are going to eventually put down some roots and also tour some Church History.

After that.... 3 more months and then we are done here. Another chapter in our life will come to an end and we will turn the page to something new.

I'm scared... and excited... and hopeful.

Sometimes I get frustrated by how fast time goes. I wish it would stop some times. And let me enjoy the day a bit longer.

Things here have been good. We are in a good routine for school and chores and family. We are managing well.

Me.... I am becoming a bit more organized. {yeah me} I have a long way to go, but I can see progress that is being made.

The boys are growing... and I don't just say that... they really are. I measured them today and in 6 months James and Tim both grew an inch, Tommy about a half inch, and Benji... a full 5 inches! Soon James is going to be looking me in the eyes!!

The days here are getting really warm and I am actually looking forward to our beach days. We school 4 days a week.... it gives us an extra day to play with friends. Right now we are attending Co-op and that takes our Friday. Once that is done it opens us up again for an extra day... so we go to the beach. Spend the morning playing on the sand and surf. Then we go home, eat lunch and watch movies the rest of the day. {4-5 hours at the beach usually drains us all so it's a good day to do nothing} I will admit it... I will miss the beach a little.

I have days where I know we would be a great reality TV people. Some of the stuff that goes on in this house would really make for good viewing.... but today is not one of those days. We are pretty normal and boring today.

Boring isn't a bad thing.

It's kind of a nice change from the chaos of most days

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