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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

More Warriors

We did a quick study on New Zealand and about the Maori Warriors and the facial tattoos. We had a lot of  fun being Maori for the day. {and night, and day as it took a while for the eyeliner to come off their bodies}

 Tommy being all scary and stuff.

Tim really liked the tattoos and wanted me to do his leg too. After this lesson we talked about why we don't tattoo our bodies.
Poor James got sick right after I did his face. So he is posing on the bathroom floor, and then his got wiped off so he could lay in his bed for the day. {poor guy}

Hopefully the Maori customs of tattooing one's history on the face stays on the wonderful island of New Zealand... I think the boys are too white to pull off being an islander.

{you can see pictures of B being a little Indian}

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