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Friday, April 20, 2012

Ear Infection... No Problem

A few nights ago Steve and I were watching a movie just enjoying our quiet night when all of a sudden we heard screaming. I go into the boys' room and Benji is awake and miserable! He had a fever, was crying and was pulling at his ear.

After a quick check by Steve it was confirmed that he had an ear infection.

Now most would do the best they can and give the baby some Tylenol, hope for the best and then call the doctor in the morning.

Our story is a bit different....

Steve checked his legs and his left leg was short {by just over a 1/2 inch} then Steve corrected his Atlas, checked his legs again and they were the same. His crying stopped almost immediately.

Now this is the incredible part... Benji settled right down and snuggled with me. As I was holding him I felt his fever go down. It was crazy!

Over the next hour he settled down and was ready to be put back to bed.

The next morning he woke up happy and ready to run crazy again. There was no sign of the ear infection that plagued him the night before.

The power of Upper Cervical is amazing!!

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