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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Teach them young

We are a gun family. We are careful that we teach the boys while they are young to respect guns and the power that comes from them.

We were out with my sister and her family and brought out all the guns and had a blast shooting out in the desert.  {that's what I love about living outside of the city.... you can find places to go and shoot and not have to go to a range}

James is getting ready to shoot at his target.

 It was a little more of a kick than he was expecting and got a "scope kiss". He was pretty proud of it.
Tommy had a turn too. Being a lefty is was a bit backwards for him. But he did well.

This is what I love!!! The sunset that is obstructive by buildings and freeways and trees! Oh, how I have missed the sunsets.

It other news.... leave it to my boys to find the bugs that are around. This poor bug was actually pretty safe in Tommy's hand. As soon as he put it down, Benji stepped on it.

boys.... bugs.... and guns..... {and the sunset} what more can a mom want??

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