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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Top of the Mountain

I really have missed hiking the mountains around Utah. Now some people think of hiking as forging a new trail... when I say hiking I mean something that the boys can do without to much help.

Ensign Peak is one of those hikes. It's about a mile hike up to the top and a pretty easy walk too. Even Benji walked the whole way.

We got to the top and we were fortunate to see some people up there that were able to take a picute of all of us..... even better, he was a professional photographer. He was really nice and was happy to talk our picture. {Nice man... if you remember taking a picture of a crazy woman and her 5 boys let me know so I can shout you out for others}
{every now an the I get a really good picture of James. And when they are good, they are really good.}
 Benji... and the city of Salt Lake. Benji now tells everyone that he went to the top of the mountain, and points to the closest mountain he can see.... there are many here and most are way bigger than what we hiked.
It was a good day hike! I am so happy that the boys are game for what ever I want them to tag along with.

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Aleatha said...

You look great!

Pyratess said...

I love the picture with your boys! you are a very blessed woman.

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