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Monday, June 10, 2013

Thirteen years later

Our life is all upside down right now.... I guess that's pretty normal for us. Our Anniversary was spent as a family going to Temple Square. We have been before, and we have even taken the boys before... but they didn't remember. So it was nice going at a time when they could really enjoy what they were seeing and the history of our church. A legacy that started so long ago, and will be carried on with them.

Thirteen years ago it started with two.... today we are 7.
I love that we can walk up to the front of the Salt Lake Temple and see it up close. The work that it took to build this Temple was amazing.

Even if you are not LDS if you come to Utah, you  must stop at Temple Square to see the beauty of this building!

The organ in the Tabernacle is amazing. The Tabernacle itself is amazing. The dome ceiling makes the acoustics great!! You can hear a pin drop from the podium without the microphone! We ended up sitting in with a group that was from Vietnam and although we couldn't understand what was being said, the Spirit was still there bearing witness the the truthfulness of the gospel.

Seeing the Christus. 
In the pictures it seems small.... or smaller. Until you walk up to it and really see it. The statue of Christ is beautiful!
 And it's great that you can walk right up to it. I love seeing the boys at the feet of Christ.
 The prints of the nails in his hands.
 "What e'er thou art
Act well thy part"
{we should all live this saying}

Tommy and I dressing up and dancing together.

It was a fun day as a family. It was nice to go up to Temple Square and walk around and show the boys all the history that involved the Saints of the church.

I can't believe that we have been married for 13 years! Our life has been crazy... as always, but we are seeing it through. And we have a crew to join us. Here's to another year!


Anonymous said...

oh happy anniversary...what a blessing and joy!. What a beautiful life the two of you have made.

Kelli C said...

Your family is getting so big! Miss you guys! :)

AB said...

Leah, I have been spending my "nap time" on Mother's Day going through all the old posts on your blog that I have missed over the years. It has been so fun to see your boys grow, learn, & explore the world around them. I love & miss you & your family so very much. :) You inspire me as a mom, you entertain me with your writing, & touch me with the tenderness of your spirit.

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