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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Birds of a Feather

When birthdays come up in our family we no longer do big birthday parties. We let the boys pick what they want to do and we do it as a family. I would rather make memories as a family than spending money on a bunch of kids for a couple of hours.

Tommy wanted t go to the Aviary. So we packed up the kids and headed up to Salt Lake and went to see some birds.
I took like 8 pictures and couldn't one that everyone was looking at the camera.... I have learned at this point you just do the best you can.
It's not very big and after about an hour we had seen it all. It was fun seeing some of the birds that were around. And all of our favorites were the Bald Eagles.  So we played at a couple spots.

Benji still has some growing to d to match up to some of the bigger birds.

When we got home poor Swim was not feeling good and went down for a long nap, and Tommy wanted cinnamon rolls instead of cake for his birthday so I got started on that.

I love that they boys will ask for things other than cake on their birthdays.

Bird during the day and cinnamon rolls before bed... It was a fun day.

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