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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Easter this Year

Easter this year was fun. The boys were lucky this year and had a few egg hunts. It all started at Grandma's house. My sister Eliza and her husband Tyler came from New Hampshire, so while they were here we all got together and celebrated as a family.

 We were hoping to eat and then let the kids hunt for eggs outside.... but the rain decided to come and put a damp on the situation. So the next best thing was to "hide" the eggs inside. There really wasn't a whole lot of places to hide them so they were more just tossed around and left to the fastest gatherer.

 Tommy has been funny lately about wanting his picture taken. {at least I'm getting some of him now}
 Swim just liked the eggs. Opening and closing and shaking them up.
It our family there is a crazy thing we like t do... headstand competitions. Even the kids got involved in it.

It was a fun day and to get to spend it with family with lots of kids was fun.

Then the Saturday before there was a little neighborhood Easter Egg hunt. Steve took the big boys to Comic Con, and I took the little ones to hunt for more eggs.
Swim was only somewhat interested in the eggs. I pulled a few aside and put them at his feet to "find".

Benji... on the other hand....
He would pick up every egg and open it and eat the contents of it before moving onto the next egg.  I love the way he carried the bag.... very resourceful, that boy.... it is easier to get to the candy using two hands.

Then Easter Sunday there were a few treats for the boys. We do all the egg hunting on Saturday so that was Sunday is dedicated to our Savior.
Tommy has a nice set of scriptures so he didn't get any, but James and Tim did, and a friend of mine made a nice case for Benji so he got scriptures too. He's so cute to carry these around with him.

One day I'll feel like I am on top of things and have things ready and we can celebrate the Savior in the weeks up to Easter... but for now, this is what we do.

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