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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

5 Temples.... 1 Day! {+1}

Back in August I had the opportunity to take the boys {and Charlotte... one day I'll get use to it} to the Ogden Temple open house. The temple in Ogden Temple has been around for a while, but they completely redid it! It doesn't look the same at all! Now before it is dedicated the temple is open to the public. Anyone and everyone can go through the Temple and ask questions and see what every endowed member sees every time they enter the walls of the temple. The boys had a lot of questions and it was so nice to be able to point things out to them and answer questions with a visual. {if you live near a Mormon Temple and they are having an open house I encourage you to go, it's free, and you will get to see and ask question about the temple}

{this picture turned out nice... I think I might frame it.}

Now we were living in Orem... And we drove all the way to Ogden... about an hour and a half drive to see the temple.... so I though why not just stop by the other temples on the way that we pass all the time. So we did. We stopped at 4 other temples that day....

We went to the Bountiful Temple... this one was closed for cleaning so we were outside of the gates for this picture. I went to the open house of this temple years ago after it was first built.

We went to the Jordan River Temple.... you can't tell but it was POURING! So I just had James jump out rather than to try to get everyone out without getting a sleeping Swim and Charlotte all wet.

 {and we were in the area so I took them by the school where I graduated from.... yup... looks the same}

There was the Oquirrah Mountain Temple.
And the Mt. Timpanogas Temple {this is where Steve and I got married}

 This is where our family started 14 years ago!!
By the time we got back to Orem every one was tired and hungry, and as much as well all love the temple, nobody was in the mood to drive to the Provo Temple.

So the day before we left for Colorado we made our way to Provo, we saw the new Provo Temple that is still under construction and then went to get a quick picture outside the Provo Temple.

I will miss being at the feet of so many Temples.

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