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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Eight is Great!

In September Tim turned 8. With that came the decision whether or not to be baptized. After an interview with the Bishop and some prayer, Tim decided to be baptized. He decided that he was ready to make covenants with the Lord.

Before we get to his baptism, let me tell you about my amazing Tim. When he born he was was fighting for his life. Born at 3lbs 7oz and with a little heart murmur he fought for every breath he took. After 7 weeks of being in the NICU he was able to come home. He was on oxygen and had other monitors hooked up to him.

You wouldn't be able to tell now. He is a spunky 8 year old and always has a smile. Except when he is sad... then his big blue eyes with dark eye lashes get all teary, and what ever he wanted you just have to make happen.

Tim was baptized by his dad, Steve. My mom gave a wonderful talk about baptism, and James and Steve's dad spoke on the Holy Ghost. It was small with just grandparents, and the Primary President, and the Bishop.

 {and an impromptu impersonation by Elvis... kinda}

Grandma and Grandpa Johnson came from Utah

And Grandam and Grandpa Mohr also came from Utah.
While Grandma and Grandpa Johnson flew and was able to spend a couple days with us, Grandma and Grandpa Mohr drove and we really only spent a couple hours with them. And then they got stuck trying to go over the pass. We are so happy they came even if it was for just a small time.

And sadly I didn't get any pictures of me and my son. What is that?? That's what I get for trying to take pictures of everyone.... 

{I think this is where the boys  get their crazy from}

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