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Thursday, October 16, 2014

It's what we do

The day of days.... again. I feel like we are always doing this... oh wait... we are.

Another day of packing and moving. Here we are on the last day we were in Orem. Orem wasn't my first choice as a place to live when we moved back to Utah, but I came to love this city. I was actually really sad to leave. This house, and this neighborhood had been god to us.

 Everything that is packed in the garage for Steve to come back and pick up.

Here is the trailer that I pack with the things that we would need for 2.5 weeks before Steve could come back and get the rest of our household goods. {Yes.... in this house Legos are a necessity}
While Steve was gone I pack an entire house, loaded the trailer, made sure that kids were fed... {at least twice a day} and I even slept a little.

And we are off! It took us 12 hours {way longer than it should have}, 5 stops, one car chase {not us} and only getting lost once before we made it to Colorado.

Here is where we will start fresh again. It's what we do.

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