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Thursday, October 16, 2014

S'more Day!

Did you know that August 6th is National S'more Day??? Well it is!! And - down at Utah Lake they were having FREE S'mores.... so we had to go and get some. It was awesome! I love S'mores!

And so do the boys.... especially Swim

 Little Miss was happy to fall asleep as the sun was setting.
 The boys were so happy with the free S'mores that I couldn't keep up with trying to take their pictures.... {that and trying to keep Benji from falling into the lake}
They had the fires going well into the night, but for us... heading out at 7:00 when this little one didn't have a nap was boarder-line crazy. We left before the crowds became to big and it was too over whelming for a napless little one.
S'mores make the world go 'round!!

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