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Monday, March 31, 2008

Getting Caught Up.

Ok, so I have a moment to get caught up on all the happenings around our house.

First up...
Happy Easter (at home) and Happy Birthday Tommy
The 22nd was Tommy's birthday and the day before Easter. and because we would like Easter day to be centered around our Savior Jesus Christ, we do the egg hunt the day before. We got up and we were planning on going to the park for a community Egg Hunt. It didn't start until 10:00 so we just took it easy. Well as we were sitting watching cartoons Tim decides to be sick, and proceeded to throw up everywhere. (I guess since he wasn't sick on our trip it was his turn) So needless to say we were not going to go to the park and be in the sun with a sick baby. So I had the easter bunny come to our house to hide eggs. Again Tommy just enjoyed the candy, but James really likes looking for eggs and the thrill of the hunt. There wasn't very many eggs so it didn't take long but they had a good time. Not long after that this is Tim....
So while Tim slept I started on Tommy's birthday cake. I asked him what he wanted and he said he wanted chocolate cake with blue frosting. I made the cake and was letting it cool. I was getting the frosting put together and I realized that I didn't have any food coloring. So after scouring the neighborhood I found some. (Do you realized that not many people keep food coloring on hand! and yes that includes me.... it's going on the shopping list) It was a simple request I just didn't realize that it would be hard to fulfill. After finding food coloring I was able to finish the cake.After I finished with the cake I turned around and this is what saw.

This was his 4th nap and he still went to bed at 6:30. Poor baby was so sick and not feeling good. come to find out that not only was he sick he was teething too. Dang 2 year molars!
So I put Tim to bed and we did Tommy's birthday. He loved the cake and this time he waited until after we had sung before he blew out the candles.

I had him open his cards first and would you believe it, he made $35 just for turning 3!! He got more Cars and a launcher/case to put them in. (Secretly I think Steve likes the boys' birthday because he needs to "put it together", "open it", "get it out", or whatever first.... ie: play with it)

I can't believe that he is three! I know I say that with each child at every age, but I really mean it. Time goes by so fast! He has grown up so much this past year. He is such a comedian.He loves Captain and loves to have Captain chase him around the house. He loves to sing and dance around. He LOVES Cars (from the movie) and as long as he gets his favorite for the day he loves to share. His vocabulary has grown and it has gotten to be really fun to have a conversation with him and find out what he is thinking. Tommy I love that you are growing up, and doing things yourself, but you can always come and "nuggle" with me!
And next we have...

A Day at the Zoo!

We had the pleasure of having Steve's sister Michelle come and visit us for a couple days. Something really funny is that her first name is Leah! So she came in Wednesday night and Thursday morning James had a field trip to the Zoo in Tucson. So we all went to that. After a wrong turn and a jont through Tucson we finally made it to the zoo. The Tucson Zoo is a smaller zoo and we got through it in about an hour and a half, but it's really cute and it was fun for the boys. A lot of the animals were out and about. The bear, who was sleeping was right by the glass so that was neat. And the keepers were out with the elephants and giraffes.

James was really excited to see the giraffes, and you can go and feed them at certain times, I hope next time we go we can feed them.

Here are some of the good pictures I got of the day.

Do you see the this last picture of Tim? It was a really cute picture of his me was smiling with those big blue eye and then Tommy stepped right in front of the picture, so now you get to see Tommy head. And the last one is of Tommy turning the crank to get a flatten penny. Later that night I asked James what he liked best about the Zoo. I thought it was going to be the giraffe or the ant eater, but no, his favorite part was turning the crank to get that special penny.

After that we went to the park to eat lunch and play. Tim loved the swing and James enjoyed playing with all the kids that were there. And Tommy, dear Tommy.... he only got lost once.

We had a great day at the Zoo, and thanks to Michelle it was easier to keep track of all the kids and thanks to her suckers they were kept happy as well!

And last but not least.....
Race Day!

Yup, you heard right. Let me back up a little. Friday Michelle and I took the boys to the pool for splash time, as we were leaving (Between taking boys to the bathroom for the last time) I saw a registration form for a race that was going on the next day. Michelle had mention earlier that she wanted to do 3 miles on Saturday, so after she brought James back I asked her if she was sure she wanted to do 3 miles. She said yes so I asked "how about a race instead?" So we went and registered later that after noon and Saturday morning got up and ran a 5K. it was the first time racing, for me, in 10 years!!! I've been training a little and was happy with my time of 29:31. Defiantly not my fastest time, but hey, I didn't get lost! Michelle did it in 34:21, which was really good. she had shoulder surgery about a month before and she's coming from North Carolina (sea level) so coming up to the altitude was tough but she did great!

So all in all it has been a good week. It was nice to have Michelle come and visit, despite the drama and "popcorn stomach" (People please boycott movie theater popcorn.... or at least don't feed it to my kids!!) It's nice to be caught up (mostly) so I'll sign off here.



fun fun! our boys LOVE the cars characters too... unfortunately we have collected most of them... i don't even want to think how much money we have wasted:) they sure do milk you! and way to go on the race!

Eliza said...

I cannot believe your boys are wearing shorts. It just snowed here today. I am so jealous. Awesome job on your race!

Emily said...

Leah, Looks like you 've been pretty busy! I love your zoo pics- so great! Way to go on the run too!

Telisse and Kade said...

Way to go on the race Leah! I wish I could get my backside going. You would think coaching would motivate me to run more. NOPE! What a busy few weeks you have had. Those too me are the best. I love to stay busy...... go go go! Just not fun when little ones are sick. I cant hardly believe how quick they grow up either. Kade is turning 6 next week. Crazy!!!!

Lynette said...

I hate it when my kids get sick. Poor little guy. I can't wait until it warms up enough to go to the zoo! Looks like you guys had fun!

Ariella said...

Hey! I'm so glad you found me! I can't believe you have 3 boys! I totally recognized the zoo pictures right away. Adam and I grew up going to the Reid Park Zoo. We're probably headed back to Tucson in 4 years, or so. I'd love to see you guys if you're still in the area! :)

The Scott Family said...

You are such a busy girl. I love that you do the egg hunt the day before Easter so you can keep the focus where it should be. I am definitely stealing that idea. Very cute pictures.

The Scott Family said...

Your zoo looks really cool. I love zoos but sometimes theycall a small gathering of chickens a zoo and it annoys me. You are lucky to have such a neat zoo close to you.

amberacottrell said...

So many fun things! Great job on your race. Really great pictures and cute boys!

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