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Monday, March 24, 2008

Traveling Circus!

I'm going to ask a question. How many times have you traveled? Specifically a road trip? Ok, many of you.... Now, how many have you done it with your kids? Ok, good. Now... how many have done it by yourself with your kids? I did!
My little brother, ok, so not so little any more... my younger brother was married March 13. Steve wasn't able to take the time off so I went with the boys. This is actually the second time I've traveled by myself with the boys.

So off we go. I found some simple pleasures, that I'm happy to share, that kept the boys happy. Tim's favorite toy was the tambourine. He had a great time playing that.
And of course there are books, for the boys as well.

We had movies, and a few toys. One thing that was great and NO mess was the magna-doodles. I found place mats for a $1 with the states on it and another one with planets that the boys liked looking at. The special treat was candy necklaces. I had bags with snacks in them and surprises along the way for keeping things fun and happy. The best treat of all was having Aunt Connie come with us to Utah. I picked her up in Vegas and she rode with me. Aunt Connie is the photographer for the family and does a fabulous job!!! Here is her website, so if you are in the Vegas area and want some really good pictures taken look her up.

The day of the wedding we woke up and I was getting the boys breakfast. I asked Tommy how he was feeling, he said that he was ok, then he proceeded to throw up. What would a day be like with out drama from my boys. I can only imagine. (Side note.... I missed Rodney (my brother) going through the temple the first time because Tommy was sick) So I looked like I was going to miss Rodney's wedding as well. My other aunt, Aunt Jerry, offered to stay with the boys, so I was able to make it. It was a beautiful ceremony and both Rodney and my new sister-in-law, Laralyn looked happy and in love. I unfortunately don't have any pictures of the reception. But my sister Eliza does. Scroll down to the post "Last One Standing" The last thing on that post is a video clip of James and my niece Breein. Breein "taught" James how to dance. The clip is really cute. And Breein even taught James how to dip her. It was a great night and it was fun to see old friends and family.

So Friday we just hung out trying to get over the bug that we all had. And Saturday was one of my best friends Jen Hunsaker.... that in it self deserves it's own post so you will have to wait for that.

By Sunday we were back with the family for an Easter egg hunt. I like living in Arizona, but it's times like this that I miss living near family. The Easter Bunny came and all the kids had so much fun finding the eggs. Tommy and Tim both just like the candy inside.

The boys made out pretty well, and had a great time finding them with all their cousins.

(here is just a really cute picture of Tim that I wanted to post)

After that we all pitched in to make dinner. Here you have 2 (of my 4 sisters) making deviled eggs. Carolyn, and Sariah. (Sariah is the one who is REALLY excited)

It's always fun getting together and making what ever meal we are going to eat. Our family has gotten so big and we are really lucky that we all get along well. We have been fortunate that we all married people who blend and mesh so well with our family.

Now this is my mom and dad and honorary aunt. Susan (the blond) lives across the street and she joins us on many family events and is always a joy to have around.

Now rather than get together at every birthday that come up. (which would be a lot now) My family gets together once a month to celebrate the birthdays in that month. Because we were up in Utah we did March and April. So it was me and Brant (Carolyn's husband) and then three of the little boys, Tommy, Brock and Kamden. Well Tommy got so excited to blow out the candles that once my mom lit the, he blew them out, he didn't even wait for the "Happy Birthday" song. So the candles were lit again so we could sing, and then once more so Brock could blow them out because he was sitting further away.

Monday I went with my sister Sariah to Cabela's, an out door store. Just to look around. they have a big fresh water fish tank and a bunch of stuffed animals that were fun for the kids to look at. We pulled up and they had kayaks sitting out side and James kept saying "lets buy a boat mom!" We didn't, wanted too, but didn't. Besides I don't know how I would explain that purchase to Steve. We did pass something that I couldn't keep the boys off of, so I got some pictures of it.

They love 4-wheelers and these were a good size for them.

Ok, Cabela's they have a Coi pond and you can feed the fish so Sariah bought some fish food.
You probably can't read the fine print but it says "Fish food good for the fish, not for the people, please do not eat fish food" So what is the first thing Tommy does? Yup, put's it in his mouth. So if Tommy starts growning gills I'll know why.
Tuesday came and it was time to leave. We were all ready and although it was sad to leave it was nice to be on the way home. We stopped in Vegas again for the night, and got on the road again the next morning....

So as a mom you make sure eveyone else is ready to go and not really checking yourself. I had Tommy go to the bathroom, then James, checked Tim's diaper and left. I realized about an hour later that I didn't go. And remember it's me and the boys, so there was no was I was going to stop and get the troops out just from me so I waited until the boys had to go (4 hours later!!)
We did stop at the Hoover Dam which is actually really cool. If you never have been there stop to look at it the next time you pass through. They are building a bridge across the dam. (I don't know if I'll ever drive across it, I'm terrified of bridges over water)

So the rest of the drive home was fun.... I missed my exit and started driving to Flagstaff (not a good thing) got caught in traffic in Phoenix for an hour. I don't know what that was all about it was 4:00 on a Wednesday. Tim cried for the last hour home. So I was going to get a picture of us being home but the boys were done and there was no way that was going to happen.

So here are some left over pictures of our trip and visit with family that were pretty good.

This is a picture of just one of the many great cousins that the boys have. Rozilyn was born a month after Tim (and Tim was 10 weeks early) and now Tim is twice her size. She's just tiny and cute.
Ok so here is a quick recap of our trip......
Managed to get only one ticket (for $100), was flipped off once, the boys got to pee twice on the side of the road. We managed to infect 3 families with sickness (sorry) took one wrong turn. Watched 10 movies, fixed the headphones or the movie countless number of times. Played with friends and family for a week and a half.
(check back soon for Jen's 30th... Tommy's 3rd, and Easter at home)


Lynette said...

You are so brave!!! I'm so proud of you for attempting that by yourself. I only make it about a half an hour in the car with the kids before I give up. It was good to hear from you. I'm glad you found me!!! It's so fun to see your cute boys. Keep in touch!

Emily said...

Oh Leah! I can't believe how brave you are>>> Seriously, I tried to take a road trip with the girls when Joe was in Korea and Rachel cried the whole way (6 Hours) I honestly nearly had a nervous breakdown! I'm glad you had a fun time!

The Scott Family said...

I can't believe you went on a road trip by yourself. Nuts!

So you're wondering who the heck the Scott Family is? I lived down the street from you in Logandale. I was Claire Leavitt then. I saw your blog on Amber's and had to see how you were. Adorable kids!

amberacottrell said...

SO fun! I love seeing all your pictures. It was neat to see your family.

Cayde and Brianna Taylor Family said...

You are amazing. The amazing Leah what will you do next? Travel to Germany with three boys and come and visit? Yes I think that would be great!

Katrina said...

Ah reading about the road trip brings back memories. I made that EXACT same trip by myself the Christmas we lived down there. I guess I had all three....Brigham was 8 months large in my belly. So he brought his own kind of nuisance to the trip, but it sounds like you did great! Luckily Steve flew up on Christmas Eve, so I didn't have to drive home on my own. Doesn't it feel like some great, wierd sort of accomplishment!? And it always seems like you're sick when you're visiting! Of course it always happens when you can't really keep them away from everyone or your whole trip becomes a complete waste! So sad we didn't get to see you while you were here!

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