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Thursday, March 6, 2008

The REST of the family.

So I've been bloggin' all about my wonderful boys. I thought I would give a shout out to the rest of my wonderful family.

First many of you know him.... he's the reason for the title of my blog. He is our great dog Captain. His full name is Captain Moroni and we have had him for almost 7 years. He is a great dog!! He watches out for the boys and will bark them back if they go to far down the sidewalk. When Steve is gone he does his rounds of the rooms and checking in the beds (I've seen him do it) and then sleeps at the bottom of the stairs. He is definitely a part of this family.

The next is a duo... Grrr and Grrr 2. There is a little story behind these. We got a bear and giraffe from the Hogal Zoo when Steve was home from Iraq on his 2 weeks R&R. James picked the bear and we gave the giraffe to Tommy. Well, a year later Tommy kept taking James' bear (which he named Grrr (because that's what bears say)) So I got another from the Zoo on another trip. So here's to Grrr and Grrr 2.

(And believe it or not, the boys (and yes, Steve and I) can tell them apart)
Here is a recent addition to our family. He has to stay outside, much to James' disappointment. His name is Spot and he is our plastic owl. Why do we have a plastic owl you ask? Well when we planted grass we needed to keep all the birds away. Well I guess James thought he was lonely, so here is Spot.

Now here we have a friend of James and Tommy. His name is Gabe. He and his mom, Amy are here daily. They usually eat dinner with us. Amy's husband Charlie is a Boarder Patrol agent and is on the midnight shift right now. So he sleeps during the day and Amy and Gabe get to come and play. Gabe is a good kid but when he and Tommy get together it's just TROUBLE!!! But we love them anyway.

(Yes that is Amy making dinner at my house)

And last but certainly not least we have Brandon. He went to Iraq with Steve, and has gotten a job here in Sierra Vista. He lives in Tucson, an hour away, so a couple night a week he stays here with us. He is taken but is always open to meet any new people (preferably girls). H is really nice and the boys get a kick out of him...

The pictures really don't do this boy justus, he is really cute. (Any single takers?)
Well there you have it our (current) Sierra Vista family. Our house is ALWAYS open to people passing by or need a place to crash of a couple days or just need to be entertained during the day. One thing that I took away from the military life is that you get to have family where ever you go, you learn the joy of opening your home to others. And I love the fact that I can say that I have family all over the world, knowing that they would do the same for me (opening their home to me and my family) as I would for them.
(Any husbands training in Ft. Huachuca, family's are more than welcome to say with me)


The Galan Family said...

Hi Leah
Remember me from Monterey?? Your little family is so cute. I got your link from Emilie An's. Looks like you guys are doing well. My husband, Perry is actually at Fort Huachuca right now for BNCOC. :( We are missing him. I had no ideas you guys were there. Maybe you'll run into him sometime.

Katrina said...

Amy! I miss her! Tell her hi for me! How are you friend! Looks like you guys are having fun as usual. I miss hanging out at your house every day. Fun times.

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