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Friday, March 21, 2008

Girls just want to hav FUN!

I have to say that I have been blessed to find some really good friends where ever I go. And here in Sierra Vista is no different. So just for fun my girlfriends planned a trip to Tucson. Ok so it's not anything special but hey, it's out of the house for the whole night. So we left right after the husbands got off work Friday night. Well, not right after... there was some resistance with the husband but finally we got off. We got checked into a hotel and went to dinner, a place with NO play land. We went back to the hotel (after we took a detour to get some food, because how can yo have a girls night with out a ton of fating food) and we went to sit in the hot tub.

So who are the girls that are crazy enough to call themselves my friends? (from left to right...) Priscilla, who is 6 months pregnant, Amy and Amy. (Just so you all know, my quota for friends named "Amy" is full)
So what do girls have pillow fights when they get together? Well, yes they do.... (this one is for you Adam)
After that what else is there to do but to get tattoos....
(yes I know I have a really bad camera, I'm working on that)

After that what else is there to do but to eat!!!

I think I ate like 4 pounds of junk food! But it was really good, and defiantly worth it. Like any slumber party there was lots of girl talk and little sleeping.

All that junk food I think I walked off the next day. We probably walked a mile with all the shopping that we did. (most of it was window shopping) but we didn't have to lug kids around so it was all good. Don't worry, our feet were taken care of with a great pedicure.

We ended the party with dinner. And we got to eat at a restaurant with no chicken nuggets.

I love my kids and Steve very much but it sure is nice to get away every now and then. Thanks for a great night girls!!


Chris-Jennie "BUG" Smith said...

Leah, Hey how are you? Of course I remember you! Thank you for your nice message on my blog, and by the way, I always appreciated your kindness, you were always very genuine and sincere, and I really like that about you. Not everyone has that quality, so thank you! Looks like life is pretty good, 3 kids, that is so great! Where are you at these days? And looks like girls night turned out to be okay :) Update me on life, and how things are going, and what you are up to!

Jen H said...

So jealous. We'll need to do girl's night. BTW - I'm serious about doing the 3 Day Breast Cancer walk over Veteran's Day weekend. I'm also thinking of doing my cookbook as a fundraiser - call it "Knocker Delights" or something like that. I'm looking forward to birthday pictures so I can pilfer them for my blog... ;)

Katrina said...

So fun! I totally wish I could have been there with all of you! Totally love you all!

swalberg family said...

I'm dying at your pillow pic- so funny! I need to plan a girls night. It seems so relaxing and fun!

Jen H said...

Thanks Leah. Any more of those pillow fight pictures?


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