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Thursday, March 27, 2008

What day is it when crazies get together?

It must be Jen's Birthday!!

So I guess I have to thank my brother Rodney for getting married on the 13th of March because it was Jen's 30th birthday on the 15th (I highlighted it just in case anyone missed how old she is) Her great husband Adam had leg and foot massages set up in the morning for a bunch of girls that came over. Then that night we got all dolled up to go out to dinner and to the Military Ball. The funny thing about this is that Adam is the only one affiliated with the military, but we went and crashed that party anyway.
So here we have (from left to right) Kip and Daniell Edwards, Jen and Adam Hunsaker, Brianna and Cayde Taylor, and then Candi Walter (my date) and me. Or in other words crazies 1-8. Candi's husband couldn't make it so I had the privilage of going to the dance with her. Brianna made her dress and you can't see it but Cayde is wearing running shoes with his tux.

What did we do with all the children? Well two lucky (ie: brave)girls came to watch the 5 of them. James 4, Davy 3, Tommy 3, Tim 1, and Jon 1. I'm sure they, the girls, were exhausted when they left, but the boys had fun making them earn there money.

We went to dinner at the Gateway in Salt Lake, and Candi and I rode with Edwards. Kip decided that he didn't like being in a car of giggly girls and was going to beat up husbands for not coming along too. But then he decided that Steve was too big to fight and that he would just take on Kevin.

I don't remember the place we went for dinner but it started with a 'B' and it had a couple 'G'. I was really good. And it was nice to eat a meal when it was hot and I didn't have to cut anything up or even bring cherrios.

A couple more crazies joined us for dinner.... Molly and Dave. Molly is really good friend of Jen's and her husband Dave made the evening than much more interesting. If you can't tell he's got his finger up his nose. Yes, this time we let all the boys sit at the grown-up table.

The dance was a lot of fun. Cayde and Brianna were so fun to watch! Candi and I were just getting tired watching them, and tried to guess when there energy would run out.... we both loss. Some on should get them a TV show and just watch them dance around together, they are that entertaining!

Kip and Daniel had a good time dancing and Kip even has some moves!

Kip thought he wanted to dance with me, I don't think he realized that I was as bad as I told him I was. I tried warning him but he didn't listen.

We danced the night away, and tried to win some prizes, call me crazy but it really seemed like only the officers won anything. As the night came to a close, we went to Dave and Molly's house for dessert. Dave is a really good dessert maker and his brownies were no exception.

Here is one last picture of trouble!

Happy Birthday Jen!!! Thanks for being a great friend. For listing to me and my problems, (and letting me solve the ones in your life that haven't come up yet) Thanks for dinner and for a place to crash on those in-between time with moves. You're a great friend and I'm glad that I can call you such. You have been a great example and inspiration to me. I miss not being around you and your boys and all the fun we have together. One day we'll have our ranch.... or commune and we'll live next to each other again... I love you Jen, here's to another 30!!


EmilieAn said...

I'm so sad I didn't make it. Wow you're a trouper for all your traveling. I seriously need to be you. Brave and able to handle change. I think I"m more paranoid than ever now. Memo to me. learn to be leah.

Super fun girls! Adam was in heaven after all that girl time for Jen. Like one huge Ya Ya night. We know what he gets after those. That's why he set up the leg massage. Selfish really but seriously smart.

kisses to you all.

Lucy said...

You guys look like you had a blast!! Happy Birthday to Jen!!

Jen H said...

Thanks Leah - you're my superhero and I love and miss you everyday. YEA for 30th Birthdays!!!

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