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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

About me

I have found that I love blogging. because of it I have gotten back in contact with so many friends. I love the convenience of staying in touch with out the mass emails or feeling guilty that I'm busy and cant email everyone individually like I would like to. I also like clicking on a blog of one of my friends and find two others on that they have on theirs. I feel so blessed to have so many friends.

Now since I have been getting back in contact with so many I thought I would do an update of what has happen since high school, since this seems to be where life really started for me. So here we go.

After graduation I work through the summer and then went to ITT Tech. I got my associates degree in Computer Aided Drafting (CAD). Right before I graduated from that I met Steve. Where did we meet you ask... on the internet. Yup, it works. He posted a personal add and I answered it. We dated for 3 months and then we got engaged. 3 months later we were married. (I know, I know, that's a long time for us Mormons).

We were married a year and a half (during which I did some residential drafting in Utah) when Steve joined the military. It was after 9-11 and he felt a duty to serve his country. He went to Basic Training, and then we moved out to Monterey California, so Steve could learn Persian Farsi. If you have never been there this needs to be a place that you see. While we were there we met some wonderful people who to this day we still keep up with. There is something about the military that binds friends together. I promise there is no place in the world that you will meet the nicest, most sincere, most giving people that in the military community. {Enlisted...ie:poor, military community} While we were in Monterey I work as a commercial drafter for another year and a half before we had James. James was the most beautiful baby when he was born. No really, he was 9lbs. 10oz. (22 1/2 inches long)and FAT he was already so round and chubby from birth. We were in Monterey for almost 2 years. (almost) When we came to Sierra Vista, Arizona. We were in Arizona for 4 months so Steve could learn how to be an interrogator. While we here there we got pregnant with our second child. James was only 6 months. Ya, Ya, I know what you are thinking, but really... I was still nursing and I only saw Steve once a week so go figure on that one. After his 4 months of training he was done so we headed back to Utah. We stayed with some friends of ours until we figured out where we were going to live. Now picture 4 adults 1 child and a dog (both the child and the dog were ours) Not so bad but now picture both women pregnant and husbands who just found out they were getting deployed. We were back in Utah fro 3 days when Steve got the call that they were going to deploy. Needless to say there were tons of hormones and tears going around that small two bedroom apartment. (I still think we could have made a mini series from that) So we quickly found a place to live.

Steve was gone for a total of 14 months. During which I had Tommy our second child. Weighing in at 8lbs 8oz he was a light weight compared to James. Steve wasn't there for the birth but did come home 3 months later for he 2 weeks R&R. I'm sure it was weird for him to come home and have a child that was rolling around and not to have met him yet. Right before Steve came home for good I bought a house. I'm going to tell you this part because I'm so proud of it. I found the house and pushed to close before Steve got home (no he didn't even get to see a picture of house before he came home) Here is how the time table went. I closed on the Thursday, painted on Friday, moved in on Saturday, and picked Steve up from the airport on Sunday. All with two kids in tow. I totally gave myself a pat on the back for that one. And yes Steve liked the house.

We were in that house in Roy for a year and that is the place that I call "home". We found out we were pregnant (yet again) (and we have since put a stop to this problem) not long after Steve came home from Iraq. And Tim decided that he was done cooking at 30 weeks and made his way into the world. He was our "Tiny Tim" at only 3lbs. 7 oz. He was in the NICU for 7 (long) weeks. And then came home with oxygen, and some other monitors. Steve was employed full time for the Army National Guard so we were on military benefits. Which was good because Tim was a $250,000 baby!!

Now at this point if you are keeping track, or even if your not... our babies were really close together. Between James and Tommy is 15 months and between Tommy and Tim is 18 months. So yes, for two months I had 3 under 3. Crazy I know.

We were in Utah for a year before moving {again} back to Arizona. So now we are in Sierra Vista again. We have been here for a year and I'm getting ancy to move again, although I am really hoping we make it to 2 years. That would be the longest we've ever been in on place. I now do drafting for a surveyor in our ward, and I'm a happy stay at home mom. I've decided that my new title is Domestic CEO. There are no more children in the works (so all you crazies out there can stop asking) and we are happy. Our home is our little piece of heaven.

I love the chaos that life hands out and am ready to take it on full force. So that is me.... I figure I blog so much about all the boys that I should get at least a little something.


Emily said...

Loved reading the whole life story. I had no idea you and Steve met online. I can't believe that you've made it so long in Sierra Vista- That was so not my favorite place to live. I guess there were a few extenuating circumstances. Our kid stories sound almost identical. Annie and Rachel are 18 mo apart, I had Rachel while Joe was gone and we got pregnant with Ben right when he got home! SO fun:)

swalberg family said...

Fun to read Leah! I love reading people's stories. You guys have quite the exciting one......mine on the other hand is pretty tame. Hope you're having a great week!

Kami Sheffer's Blog said...


Leah! I can't believe it's you!!!! We have got to catch up! You're profile is hilarious! Oh! I bet you are the best mom! My better email is kami.sheffer@gmail.com! Sweetness!


P.S. Remember all the fun we had? Running on the canals, eating lots of food and pantsing people? :0

The Galan Family said...

Learned a lot about you guys Leah! I didn't realize your boys are all so close. That is crazy! Fun stuff!

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