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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Out with the OLD, and in with the NEW!

My birthday was the end of March... (the 28th to be exact, and I'm still accepting gifts of any kind, and will be for the next year or so) Anyway I've been telling Steve that wanted a new camera. The little one that we had was taking blurry pictures. It was taking a long time to load up and then to store the picture. It was one of those things that I would take a picture, and then the look I wanted, or the boys were being cute (finally) and by the time the camera laded up the moment (or the boys) were gone. So here you go.

The old.

And now the NEW!!!

It's a Nikon 40D camera. And I LOVE it. It's nice to see something and have it come out in the pictures that I'm taking. So here are some that I have been taking.
Here are the boys playing in a fort of blankets under a table.

I loved taking pictures before this, but now I think I'm obsessed! You'll be seeing a lot more pictures. (like you haven't already.)

Ok, so I love a bargain!! I found little plastic Tee Ball sets for $1.50 after Christmas and I bought them to save for the warm days. Well we've hit them so I got them down for the boys. I took a ton of pictures but this was the best one, and totally tells a story of accomplishment.

Here is Steve flipping pizza for our "Pizza and Movie Friday"

Those that knew Steve in Utah could call him Farmer Brown. Well, he's at it again. With our small yard we had to be really creative with planting. So we have tomatoes in planter in the front yard, and just one row in the back yard. This includes peas, peppers, and corn. With a pumpkin in one corner and a watermelon in the other corner. Here are some pictures of my farmers.

So there you go. I'm so far from being anything professional but I like pretending to think I am. It was fum to watch the boys plan the garden. I hope we have a good growing season. I do know one thing that grows great in Arizona. Well maybe just in our neighborhood. And that is asphalt and cinder blocks. Yup, this is what Steve pulled out of the dirt!!!


Alicia said...

Joseph would be envious of your new camera. Some day he'll get his wish. Thanks for commenting on my blog. Sometimes I get discouraged because I don't feel like anybody is even reading it... you're a good friend. I'm glad we have this way of keeping updated with each other. :) God bless you!

Telisse and Kade said...

Leah Im in the same situation. I HATE my camera! I want a new one so bad. I know the feeling about when you take a picture and you think its going to be so cute....... and well you know the end result. Wahoo Im excited for you....... Im working on it. One day one day.......


love the new camera!!! i have the d40x loving it!!! nikons are the best! enjoy!

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