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Monday, April 14, 2008

How fast they grow.

I haven't had a chance to post this yet but it's official, Tim is in nursery AND I'm not pregnant! This is the first time in 4 years (did you hear me ...4 years) that I get to go to Relief Society by myself! It's so nice to get to listen during Sunday School and Relief Society. I don't have to keep a child from playing the piano, running away, pulling the table clothe off the table, crawling under all the chairs,(James got his head stuck in a chair once, that was a joy) and going through diaper bags and purses. (Yes, between the 3 kids we have experienced it all)

The weird thing is with Tim is that when we moved here he was still so tiny and little, he still looked like a preemie. And now, he's running amuck. He's just grown so fast!
This weekend there was a carnival so we took the boys to that. We went early so there wouldn't be any lines or anything. Boy, oh boy carnivals are a major rip-off! It was 10 tickets for $10! And each ride was at least two tickets. But it was so much fun.

The first ride the boys did was the Super Slide. Steve went up with the boys, and tried sliding down with James and Tommy. It didn't work out like that. James tried waiting but then he went down by himself. I was proud of him that he went alone.

Tommy on the other hand had a death grip on the top of the slide and it took Steve and the guy at the top to get Tommy to let go and go down the slide.
(Do you see how Tommy is holding onto Steve)
Tommy was NOT going to do this thing again. Fortunately things got better after this when we went to the kiddie rides. Steve took them on the Merry-go-Round, and they really liked that.
Unfortunately, Tim wasn't able to get on any of the rides. but I did get some pretty good pictures of him.

The boys rode a couple trains and a dragon (think Dumbo from Disneyland). But the dragon ride was really short because Tommy thought hanging out was funner than staying in the ride. But by far the favorite of the day was the two car rides that they went on. Each time they chose the Jeep and loved "driving" around. James really like the idea that he was driving, and I think Tommy just enjoyed being along for the ride. It was a beautiful day, and we had a lot of fun. It was a lot of fun watching the boys have such a good time with all the sounds and colors and stuff. It was hard to pull them away from it all. {Note to self, empty piggy banks so we could do more at the fair!}


Wilson said...

Hey Leah,
I can't believe you found me. Yes this is Juliann May. I haven't heard from you in years. You have a cute little family. Did you have a brother go on a mission in Florida? I think that I had him over to my house for dinner and he was supposed to get me your email information but he was transfered. It was great to hear from you.
Juliann May Wilson

Debra said...

Leah! How have you been?! Gosh, its been almost ten years. Your blog is so fun to read and I've so much enjoyed seeing a glimpse into your life. Three boys . . . wow!

It looks so warm in Arizona! We were hit with snow today- ugh!

take care!
-debra (richards)van alfen

Alicia said...

The carnival looks like fun... just wish they didn't cost so much. I have to laugh at the Relief Society thing because I can relate totally! I will be doing the whole thing over again soon with our second little girl on the way.

The Scott Family said...

I am so jealous that you get to sit and listen to adults in church. I can hardly remember what that feels like anymore. I'm glad you had fun at the fair.

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