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Sunday, April 20, 2008


I have a couple friends... EmilieAn who has Thoughts On A Boob, (TOAB) because she is nursing all the time, and.... she got knocked up again (yeah for you Em) so she will be spending lots of time nursing another baby.
And Jen... who has Thoughts In The Shower (T.I.T.S.) but then changed it to Thoughts While In The Shower (T.W.I.T.S.)
Well I have Thoughts In My Head (T.I.M.H.) Mostly just random thoughts that pass by, so I since I don't really have much to share I'll share my T.I.M.H.'s with all of you.

First, do you realize that humming bird eggs would make teeny tiny sunny side-up eggs.

Next, the Twilight books. I love reading about all you grown women (you know who you are) who have read, are reading, and waiting for the movie. I think it's great that this teen-age novel has captured the heart and soul of so many. (do you catch the sarcasm) No I haven't read it. I know "can't knock it 'til you try it" but really a ninety year old vampire who falls in love with a seventeen year old girl.... does any one see the problem here? (thanks Jen) And why is this guy reliving high school? Is there anyone out there who would HONESTLY want to relive high school?

Have you ever wondered why on the days that you look so hot... you know, actually do you hair and make up, and put on a nicer shirt, that those are the days that it's so windy!

Do you ever think that your kids will remember all the crazy things that you say. Here are some of the things that I say quite often (Jen's are way funnier than mine)
  • Boys come out of the closet!
  • We all know that Tim pooped, please go do something else.
  • Tommy, are you bleeding? Are you broken? Then you're ok.
  • Tim, you are not allow to take yourself for a walk out side.
  • Cars do not fly. Keep them out of the air.
  • You'll probably find what ever you are looking for under the couch.
  • Tommy, your shorts are backwards and your shoes are on the wrong feet.
  • Why did we think this was a good idea?
  • I really don't think Captain did that.
  • No, I'm sure Captain didn't open the door.
  • Please stop coloring on you brother, the crayons are for paper only.
  • Who is the mom?

Anyway that's my T.I.M.H. for now. I'm sure we'll have an interesting and eventful week. (we always do)


Connie said...

I like your quotes. Sounds a lot like stuff I've been saying lately! And about the Twilight thing (yes, I am one of "them"), your questions are all answered and explained in the books. Hahaha I guess you'll have to read them!

Crazy Hughes Fam... said...

I finally have time to stalk the blogs. It has been a while since I got to really read them. LOVE your comments. Although have to disagree with the Twilight comments. I am not one to chat and chat about it, but I did LOVE the read. As your friend Connie says...all your questions are answered in the book. Are you at least going to see the movie?

Jen H said...

It's true, the questions are answered in the books. He keeps going back to high school because he's trolling for high school girls... okay, that's not entirely true, but the "answers" don't help the creepy factor.

I was inspired by the quotes so I thought up a few more. Hee hee hee.

It looks like WOBC will be January 8th - two days after Adam finishes grad school. There IS a chance I will be getting knocked up sometime around then, so I will be spending lots of time on your couch.

Did you watch Rachael Ray today? Thoughts?
Love you!


fun to read:) yes, i'm one of those women obesses with twilight!! love them!! cna't wait for august 2nd:))

The Scott Family said...

I was laughing the whole time I read this. Please share your TIMH more often. They're very entertaining.

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