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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Only at my House

So we had a pretty mellow week, that is until Friday came around. They repaved the road in front of our house. I was watching a couple extra boys and they all had a kick watching the workers. I didn't get any pictures, it was kinda hard to take pictures and hold Tim at the same time. He kept trying to run into the road. The last thing that I need was to explain why Tim was now a part of the asphalt in front of our house.

After I brought the boys back in the house and I put Tim down, really for only a minute and this is what happen.
I keep trying to tell Tim that waking up at 5:00 AM is not a good thing, but I guess he would rather chance falling asleep on the kitchen floor.

Later that day, my friend Amy took Tommy and James to her house to play with her kids. When they were playing Tommy fell of the swing and ate the rocks pretty bad.

He was happy after he got his car band aide on his face.

Saturday we went to the community center for some of the free stuff they had going on (what is better than free?) There was a Fire Truck that the boys got to climb into. They really like that.
The boys even got to shoot the fire hose. When James heard this he took off and picked up the hose and started to spray it. It pushed him back and he fell on his butt. I didn't get a picture of that. (That would have been a good one.) But here is a picture of Steve and Tommy shooting the fire hose.
There was a little petting area with goats, chickens, ducks and rabbits. The boys had so much fun touching all the animals. The goat kept picking at James and Tommy kept trying to feed the baby chicks pieces of hay. Neither of the boys wanted to touch the cow.

There was a bounce house that was a huge hit. Fortunately we got there early enough that the boys had a great Tim with out it being too crowded. And yet again Tim was too small to get in. Oh well, his time will come. I don't think he really cares right now anyway.
The last thing the boys got to do was to play in the SWAT vehicle. That was actually kinda cool. And leave it to James to have to touch the buttons,(he is his mother's child) because next thing we know the siren is going off.

It was a good day. As we were leaving the boys saw cation cones. So the of course they want to tip them over. And each time Steve put one back up the boys would knocked another down.
Oh the joys of childhood, where everything can be turned into a game.



loved all the stories... so sad the bandaid face:) p.s. i tagged you on my blog... check it out!

Cayde and Brianna Taylor Family said...

What a fun day! Your boys are so grown up.

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