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Friday, May 16, 2008

I'm going private

So I've decided that I'm going private, so I'm needed email address from some of you. If you see your name please email me at peachylg@yahoo.com or you can leave a comment.

Ariella Bell
Sara Galan
Amber & Spencer
Connie & Peter
Jennie (bug) & Chris
Joy & Gordon
Juliann Wilcox
Monica & Jacob
Jalasha & Ryan
Tara & Rob
Clair & Jason

Anybody else who wants to keep viewing my blog are welcome to I just need you to post you email address. I'll put this into effect probably next Thursday.

What else, What else? I have started a couple other blogs. These are dedicated to my intrests. I guess this blog is my intrests as well, with my family and all. But one is for crafts and recipies and the other is for the pictures I've taken. These will be remain public, it's just the one about the family and what we are up to will be private.


pebes2 said...

Leah, my email address is pebes2@aol.com


Our Crazy Life said...

My email is mdominguez88@mvdsl.com

Our Crazy Life said...

My email is mdominguez88@mvdsl.com

The Scott Family said...

Hey- my email address is claireleavittscott@gmail.com. Thanks!

The Dunnes said...

Hey! I love looking at your blog and seeing the updates. What cute boys! :) My email is dunne_joy@hotmail.com.

Debra said...

Hi Leah, not sure if you have my email address or not...buglea1@yahoo.com

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