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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Went Private.... Why?

Ok, so the reason I am going private, are you ready? Steve is leaving.... no not like that. He is taking a contract job overseas and we thought it would be safer for him and us if people couldn't "blog-stalk" to my blog while he is gone. First what is blog-stalking? It's when you go from one blog to another, many blogs that you have no idea who they are. Admit it you all do it, that how I found many blogs, and I'm sure that's how many of you found me. Besides, Steve is worried about the person in Singapore that has seen my blog.
Steve will be in Missouri for a little bit and then he will be going to Afghanistan for a year. I want to be able to post about all of that and things that he is doing, and have at least some of it be private. I'm trying to get Steve to start a a blog to keep everyone updated as well. Like I said this is a contract position. So he will be embedded with the military but is a civilian. He'll be going outside the wire (outside of the base) with an interpreter and with the soldiers he's embedded with. (I think that's what he's doing?)

The good things about this is is that it's a HUGE resume builder. (which is a good thing when you're contracting).

If your wondering if I'm ok, or thinking "how can she do this" or "I could never let my husband be gone for that long." I really am ok. We were married when Steve joined the Army so this is the lifestyle we CHOSE. And the thing with this time is that I'm not pregnant (yeah for me) so my hormones are normal (almost). And for those that think that they couldn't do this... You could. Like I said this is what we chose, and it's easier for me to have Steve gone that to have him working 10-12 hours a day.

Steve leaves on Tuesday, and we will miss him. I'm very thankful for modern technology and all the things that goes with it.... web cams, email, blogs, and the such. The boys and I are going to go to Missouri to visit with him. I'm thankful for the soldiers that are serving our country, and the many wives that hold the down the fort here at home. If you want to see some incredible women, blog-stalk, and get to know the women who I have listed on my blog as friends from the military. (I also have a friend who is a single mom, and I don't know how she does it!)

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Eliza said...

Leah, I will have to come visit you for real this summer. I hope you will let me know if there is anything you need...from afar. By the way, you look really pretty in your picture. Your family is adorable.

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