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Monday, May 5, 2008

What a day!

The boys have been enjoying there safety scissors. Making a HUGE mess and then cleaning it all up. Well then Tommy got the bright idea that he was going to give James a hair cut. I yell his name stating that we don't' cut our brothers' hair. Next I caught him trying to cut his own hair. "Tommy don't cut your hair either!!" Well, silly me I never told him that we shouldn't cut the dog's hair. So Captain got a hair cut. Fortunately for him he is fluffy enough that you can't tell, but boy there was a pile of hair on the floor.

Later that day Tommy was twirling. He was making himself dizzy, and thought he would try running after he was dizzy. Well apparently the treadmill took this as a challenge and stood his ground. Now just so you all know, the treadmill is in the corner tucked out of the way so people don't get hurt walking by. Poor Tommy ran right into the treadmill and lost....badly.
So no sooner than his face starts healing from the fall on the swings, he smashes his mouth. We couldn't tell when it happen but since the swelling has gone down a bit his tooth was pushed back a little so we are off to the dentist. You know with blogging I think it's kinda funny how I view things. If the situation does not involve a trip to the hospital, I want to take a picture of it. Is that sad?

I had a girlfriend notice that none of the boys were bruise or bloody or scraped a little while back and all I could say was "oh, give it a day or two" and sure enough... we have injuries. Fortunately for us it's never been anything serious.

Ok, so here is an update after we went to the dentist. Tommy will have to have his top two teeth pulled next year. Or sooner if there is pain or swelling or they get loose. So my 4 year old will be toothless until his big ones come in. Go Tommy!

And the scissors thing... I guess I should have checked James' hair before I posted. I ws straighting his hair today and this is what I saw. Again.... Go Tommy!


The Scott Family said...

Why is it that kids always think it is a great idea to run AFTER spinning around to make themselves dizzy? Your boys sound so much like mine. I always tell myself I am going to miss these days. At least they are good for a laugh!

Emily said...

We had a terrible haircutting disaster a couple of years ago that left several dolls, my little ponies, and Rachel without hair. A very traumatic day for me. GLad it was only the dog that got hit!

Telisse and Kade said...

that is too funny! I though it was just us crazy females who enjoyed cutting hair.... Kade had the same thing with the teeth situation. He had 4 pulled from the bottom and will have 4 pulled from the top this year. They look pretty silly for awhile but its pretty cute.

The Garside Clan said...


Love the haircut! Aubrey at nine has done that this year, luckily we can move her hair around to hide it. Cute blog!

Alan and Cris


that sis too funny. kids love scissors... dirk got a hold of some and cut our comforter into peices...literally... we called him shredder for a few weeks after that.... your life reminds me of my own... crazy... your kids are super cute.

Dad & Mom Pitcher said...

Oh the memories, being a mother of 4 boys, I can really identify with your fun home. They are all just the most darling mugs I have seen! Our Tommy was also the best at hair whacking, his (all the time from 2 years on up), his little bothers, and yes, then there was the one time that I came home to our little Yorkie and her moustache trim, "but Mom, her hair was getting in her food!" Of course, such logic. Isn't it wonderful to love your life and then to have plenty of stories to tell!

Lucy said...

Don't get me started on Hallie's Haircuts!

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