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Friday, May 2, 2008

This and That

Nothing new and exciting going on. That is actually kind of a surprise. We are just doing routine things and hanging out. Here are some pictures that I have taken the past couple days.

These are at the park. Tommy was at school so instead of going home I took Tim and James to the park to play. We tried to fly kites but there wasn't enough wind so the boys just played on the playground.
Do you see Tim standing near the edge? Yeah, he is pretty fearless. I"m trying just to stay close to catch but he just gets more daring the closer to him I get.
Did you catch the little story there? Tim is a climber, and after watching James and Tommy climb on things a couple times Tim figures it out. He watched James do this and figured that he would too.
Here is a shot of James as he is posing for the picture.

Here are some pictures before Church. Tim was sick this day and sleeping while I took these pictures.

You know every now and then seeing the boys I think I catch a glimpse of the men they will turn into. They are so funny together and are usually smiling, and just best friends.

Here is a picture of Tommy coloring. Where are his pants? Who knows. But I thought it was a cute picture of his bum, plus this a GREAT picture to bring out to the girlfriends.

My girlfriend came over one day and we were chit-chatting and the boys were playing quietly, for the most part. We heard some clanking and giggling, and then nothing. and you know that when you all is quiet, trouble is brewing. We walked into the family room and this is what we saw. Picasso maybe?

They stacked those chairs up so carefully and they were balancing so well.

You know I'm totally convinced that most bugs where put on this earth to be tortured by little boys. Here we have Tommy trying to squirt an ant that was on the porch.

Here is Tim in the castle in the backyard.

Here is James being a goofball.

And this last picture is of James (and Tommy is in the mix too) at a little preschool field trip. The past week James has been learning about the ocean. They went to the middle school to look at the salt water fish tanks. And as all the other kids were happy to see "Nemo". James was naming the fish. "Look mom, there is a Clown Fish, and a Yellow Tang!" "Did you see the Powder Blue Tang and the Peppermint Shrimp?" "There is a Foxface!" "I see anemones, and feather dusters, and corals". I guess he does listen when we read books and look at different things.

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The Scott Family said...

Your buys are cracking me up. Everything from the bum picture to the squirting bugs with a water gun is hilarious. They would be great friends with my boys if we lived closer. Actually, nevermind, they would just give eachother ideas. Like that chair statue- how'd they come up with that?

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