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Monday, September 22, 2008

Hazardeth to your Health!

So I was running Friday morning... going along my merry way and BAM a huge (ok, not so huge, but for the sake of my ego we are going to say huge,but not big enough to see, do you have the rock pictured?)... A huge rock came out from no where and tripped me! I know, I was just as shocked as you are. So I have come to the conclusion that running is hazardeth to you health. (and yet I'm still doing it). I came home bloody and scraped, but ok, and in one piece. So Saturday I ran again....
I did 6 miles on Saturday (yeah I'm pretty proud of myself) This whole marathon thing is a crazy idea, but I just might make it through... Anyway, after I got home I decided that the boys and I would go for a hike. They have been asking to have a picnic in the mountains, and Saturday was as good a day as any. So we packed up and went. Now when I say "hike" it's more like a jont through the woods. James and Tommy are collecting rocks to throw in the stream, we might or might not see. And I have to add that James likes to collect small rocks... 5 of them, and Tommy will find the biggest rock that he can carry. I finally talked him in to putting it down and coming back for it later. Tim is tagging on behind having to stop at every thing he sees and goes out of his way to smoosh the caterpillars that he finds. Lunch is fun, and we always have great conversations. Like James asking "Mom, if you where a bug would you eat flys?" And Tommy's wondering if the stick would grow into a tree. Tim is happy with his fruit snacks. But we also have serious conversations, and after talking about missions I have been informed that James will be serving a mission in New Zealand {like daddy}, and Tommy wants to go to Michigan{??} Our meal times are always interesting... No matter where we are.
People can clearly tell that James is my child, even Tommy looks enough like me to tell that he is mine. But this picture of Tim... this is totally Steve.

We went for a walk after lunch and James and Tommy ran up ahead. When I took this picture of Tim little did I know he had a secret waiting for me.... A really bad diaper! Totally up the back, and we are in the wilderness for goodness sakes!!!
I wish Steve was here but I'm happy that I get to be here and have these moments with the boys. Dirty faces, poopy diapers, wet boys and all.


Camie said...

Your boys are so adorable! I'm glad you're keeping up on the running thing,rocks and all. I've been debating on signing up to do a 5k this next summer, but I'm not too sure about it. Long distance was never my thing.

pebes2 said...

They are so cute!!
Hikes are so much fun. :)

Nikki said...

I'm glad to see that your okay. To me your brave taking three kids on a hike alone. The pictures of the kids were cute. Well there boys so I should say handsome but that doesn't sound right. Have fun and watch out for falling rocks. Just Kidding :)

Eliza said...

I love it. Sadly...your battle wounds look worse than mine from having a stick stuck in the spoke of my tire. I hope you are ok...lots of ice and chocolate will help.

Jen H said...

YEA for HUGE rocks and war wounds. And poopy diapers at inconvenient times...
Love you!

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