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Monday, September 29, 2008

Watch out world!

And here is to a new hobby of mine - So we live down on the border, and when the boys and I go hiking we see signs that say.. "Caution Illegal Immigrants or Smuggling" Nice, just what I want to run into. We have been safe every time we go hiking but I thought it was about time to get a gun. Yes ladies (and gentlemen) I'm getting a gun. My friend Brandon took me out shooting his hand gun and I did REALLY good!

It took some getting use to but I stay pretty central, and I hit the box every time. But check out this next picture.

Can you see that BULLS EYE?!!! I was so excited! So I'm looking around and getting ready to shoot some more, and different types of guns. I want to get a real good feel for what I'm shooting before I buy one. It's a rush to shoot a hand gun and brings such a sense of power. Steve's gun is to heavy for me to use so it wouldn't do me any good. so getting a smaller one is the plan. Arizona is an open carry state, which means that any one can carry a gun at any time (minus going into a school, church hospital, or bar) as long as it is showing. Eventually I'ld like to get my concealed weapon's permit. I'll have a safe to put it in so no worries about coming to my house. So I think this will be my new hobby....

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Lynn said...

Whoa...aint nobody smuggling you guys!

My best, Lynn
*ha! and my word verification was gusto - like what you've got!

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